Dr. Vadim Zverovich
Senior Lecturer in Operational Research

University of the West of England, Bristol BS16 1QY, U.K.

List of Publications            Recent Grant Applications (temporarily not available)     

Academic Achievements:

·       MSc (1989), PhD (1993), Docent (2000)

·       Head of the Research Group in Mathematics and its Applications

·       Book “Research Topics in Graph Theory and its Applications” (accepted by CSP)

·       Book “Modern Applications of Graph Theory” (accepted by OUP)

·       Two successful recent research grants (ca. $1 million and £93,000)

·       Approx. 60 research papers, over 30 talks in 10 countries

·       Two research papers published in the top-ranked journal Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering (Impact Factor: 5.288, the best journal in 4 areas according to ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking, 2015)

·       Collaborations with industry and universities

·       20 years of teaching experience, over 20 courses taught

·       Supervision of post-doctoral/PhD researchers

·       External/internal examiner of PhD theses

·       Fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (Germany)

·       Editor/Guest Editor of academic journals

·       Reviewer of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)

·       Reviewer of the top-ranked journal Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering

·       Fellow of the UK Operational Research Society

·       Researcher of the Year 2017, FET, UWE

Research Interests:  

·       Graph Theory and its Applications, Probabilistic Methods in Combinatorics, Combinatorial Optimisation

·       Wireless Sensor Networks, Transport Networks (Braess’ paradox),  Data Mining Techniques, Decision Making Techniques

·       Development of scientific software for Graph Theory

Recent and On-going Research Projects:  

·       “Autonomous decision-making for maximising security in defence sensor networks”. Funder: The Technology Strategy Board. PI of the UWE team: Dr. V. Zverovich. Partner: Aralia Systems Ltd.

·       CUBER: Critical Urban Buildings Emergency Response – An intelligent decision-support system to support critical built facilities emergency preparedness and response to extreme events”. Funder: the Qatar National Research Fund. PI: Prof. L. Mahdjoubi; co-PI: Dr. V. Zverovich. Partner: Qatar University.


·       Guest Editor of a special issues of Discrete Mathematics (devoted to the British Combinatorial Conferences 2007, 2009, 2011)

·       Editor of the Journal of Advanced Research in Applied Mathematics

·       Editor of the Journal of Mathematical Research and Applications


·     The Engineering Modelling and Simulation (EMS) Research Group

·     Rail Research UK Association (member)

·     The organizing committee of the 21st British Combinatorial Conference

·     The program committee of the International Conference on Applied Mathematical Optimization and Modeling (APMOD 2012, Germany)


PhD Students:    A. Poghosyan (Probabilistic Methods in Combinatorics; successfully completed in March 2010)    [Download the thesis (950 KB)]