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Our 1999 Annual General Meeting
Two New Publications from Living Easton
Free The Frome!
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Our 1999 Annual General Meeting
Was held on Saturday November 13th at Castle Green United Reform Church in Greenbank.
With local history and environment displays and guest displays including BETS Scheme, Rosemary Park and Local Artist Bill Guilding packing the hall we attracted existing members and new people from the area.
Our new Management Committee is now: Jim McNeill (Chair), Mike Baker (Treasurer & Fundraiser), Sally Andrews, Ken Davidson and Amajit Singh.

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Two New Publications from Living Easton
 1. "Walk the Historic River Frome - from Castle Park to Eastville Park" - a 16 page illustrated booklet detailing a History Walk along the River Frome (known locally as the Danny). The booklet celebrates that the lowest stretch of the Frome officially became part of the Frome Valley Walkway in 1999, This booklet is a must for local schools, local historians or those who just like local walks. The price is only £1.35 inc p&p when bought direct from Living Easton.
2. Copies of our booklet: "Dates of Slave Revolts, 1522-1888; Rebellions, Revolutions, Conspiracies & Maroon Wars" are still available - we've sold and distributed over 100 copies to date with many copies going to local schools. It costs only £1.35 including p&p when bought direct from Living Easton. 
This short booklet has three aims:
Firstly, to provide a factual record of the continual revolts and rebellions by African slaves and their descendants in North & South America and the Caribbean Islands.
Secondly, to attempt to indicate how the continued resistance of slaves lead to an ever increasing cost, militarily, financially and commercially, for the colonial powers and was thus decisive in the ending of the Trade in Slaves and, finally, the ending of slavery itself.
Thirdly, to provide political inspiration to those who struggle for freedom & equality today. 

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Free The Frome!
Did you know that we have now managed to get the council to officially adopt 'our' stretch of the River Frome as part of the Frome Valley Walkway? The Walkway now continues from Eastville Park to Castle Park in the City Centre. 

This is great news for all pedestrians and cyclists who use the pathways along and across the M32 corridor as it means that we can now lobby even more effectively for improvements in terms of access and community safety in this area. To this end our members are carrying out a detailed 'access survey' of the route - if you want to get involved just phone Jim on 0117 939 1571 or email

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Time-Signs News
Have you noticed the two new and colourful Time-Signs which have been put up at Stapleton Road Station and at the corner of Bloy Street and Chelsea Road....well....they are about to be joined by a commemorative bust to the famous cricketer and our one time local doctor WG Grace. The bust and plinth will soon be erected outside of Easton Leisure Centre on Stapleton Road. 

There are now 5 Time-Signs in place and whith the WG Grace plinth and the Baptist Mills Sign that will make (are you paying attention?) a magnificent 7. We are busy preparing an A3 foldout to accompany the Trail and we are drafting what is turning out to be a small book which will follow the route of the Trail and act as a History Guide to Easton. Phone Mike for more details on 0117 941 1918.

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Community Local History Archive - Books, Maps, Photos, Sketches & More!
This is just a note to let you all know that it's still expanding and covers not only the 'history' of Easton, Eastville and Greenbank but also attempts to record contemporary social changes and events. A boon to all whether you're doing a school project or are just interested in our social and economic history.

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Living Easton Web Site
Our thanks to Rob Stephens for his help at the University of the West of England for making this site possible. We went 'LIVE' on September 20th 1999. Our site is constantly expanding and will soon contain sections on Quakerism, William Penn - slave owner, Women's History, and more. So keep on returning!

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Our email address

Joining Living Easton
You can join as an individual or as an organisation. The cost is just £4 a year (bargain!) which covers the cost of 4 newsletters a year and regular activity bulletins. Just phone Mike on (0117) 941 1918 for a form.

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Minutes - Living Easton Management Committee Meeting - 31.1.00
Present: Jim, Sally, Mike, Ken
Apologies: Amajit, Bill
1. It was agreed that Sally would chair the meeting and that Jim would take the minutes.
2. Previous Minutes
Nothing arising, agreed as a true record.
3. Finance
Latest update discussed. Thanks to Jim for producing the Monthly balances. 
Membership fees continue to come in, Sally paid her £4 membership fee.
Publications: the new 'Walk the Historic River Frome!' booklet is now on sale @ £1 + p&p if bought direct or £1.50 from various outlets.
Agreed: That we close the Post Office Time-Signs Account and place these monies in our General Account.
Agreed: That we continue to progress with the production of the Time-Signs Brochure which will be obtainable for FREE at local outlets. 
Agreed: To continue refining the draft text & illustrations for the Time-Sign Booklet.
Agreed: That Mike will look at Economic Print, BCC and the publishers of Barton Hill History Group's material to gain a rough idea of costings for the Time-Signs booklet.
Funding Applications: forms received from: Age Concern and Greater Bristol Foundation - Jim will further these. We had a letter from Nationwide saying that they are re-doing their application form and will send us one when it is available.
We are meeting with Wendy from Sustainable Neighbourhood Fund next Thursday. We are hoping to apply for up to £1000,000 for the design, production and publicity of our Time-Signs Trail.
Mike has info from National Lotteries Charities Board - he will give more information next month.
4. Correspondence
Agreed: Renew membership of VOSCUR - Jim will return form. 
Agreed: Railway Path Festival, June 24th - we should co-ordinate with Easton Community Association events - possibly have a stall/display on the cycle path.
Agreed: Renew membership & reinsure with BTCV - Jim will return forms with cheque
Agreed: Mike to draft a letter which could form the basis to our response to the Crest Nicholson proposals at the Harbourside. This will centre around the traffic implications of Crest Nicholson's proposals. The draft will be discussed next month.
5. Walks
Agreed: Environment Festival - July 1st - 19th. We will organise a walk along the River Frome during the Festival and promote our latest Frome Walk booklet.
6. Community Archive & Displays
Agreed: Inform Brian Drummond of the NUT of our purchase of the Bristol NUT Conference Souvenir Book.
Mike reported back on our meeting with Rupert at Easton Community Centre. The Centre is undergoing extension and we have flagged up our space requirements for housing our growing Archive and also space for small meetings.
Agreed: That our AGM will be held in late September/Early October 2000.
7. Time-Signs Trail
WG Grace Sign. The plinth will be modified/simplified and Braille text added.
Ben Tillett Sign. Mike & Jim met with Sarah Stone from TUC South West for funding of this sign.
Baptist Mills Sign. Kevin Hughes is working on this at St Werburghs City Farm.
8. Web Site
Rob is now working on the 'Penn' pages and these should be on our site soon.
9. Any Other Business
Planet Easton is putting together its next issue. Any articles should be sent to Easton Community Centre.
10. Future Management Meetings
It was agreed that we continue to meet at Castle Green Church and meetings will be held on the last Monday of the month or the Monday before when there is a Bank Holiday.

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Living Easton's Calender of Events Year 2000
11th 2.30 Friends of the River Frome meeting.

Easton Community Centre.

13th Bike Ride from Castle Park to Oldbury Court

The organizers are using maps of the River Frome in our Archive so that cyclists can follow the River's underground course.

 26th Castle Green Church, Greenbank Road: OPEN DAY

Your chance to see the community facility proposals at the Church.

 28th 8pm. Living Easton Management Committee Meeting

Castle Green United Reformed Church, Greenbank Road

25th All Day Talks & Displays on 'The River Avon', at Oldbury Court.
27th 8pm. Living Easton Management Committee Meeting

Castle Green United Reformed Church, Greenbank Road

7th Public Walk from Royate Hill to St Werburghs City Farm.

Initiated by Living Easton this walk 'across the M32 divide' will be organised by a host of local Environmental Community Groups including: 
Living Easton, Royate Hill Group, Rosemary green Group, Easton Community Association, Friends of Mina Road Park, The Narroways Hill Action Group and St Werburgh's City Farm.

16th 7pm Members of Living Easton are leading a walk around the Easton Time-Signs Trail for the Downend History Group. All welcome.
24th Bristol to Bath Railway Path Festival.

Living Easton is aiming to have an information stall on the Cycle Path.

1st - 19th West of England Environment Festival - 'Sort It'

Living Easton will be leading an Environmental/History Walk along the River Frome during the Festival

Late September/Early October
Living Easton's Year 2000 AGM


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