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We have given slide show talks to Four groups: in June to the Filton History Society, September to the Civic Society, November for the Southville History Group at the Southville Center and finally, in the same month we gave a Slide Show & Talk to over 100 members of the Bristol & Avon Family History Society. Congratulations to all involved.

We have lead two walks around Easton. Firstly in June for young German Trade Unionists who were staying in Bristol and, later in the year, for young people from all over Bristol who are part of the Common Purpose project.

Images of our Felix Road, Easton Mine, Time-Sign and text from our publication The Cost of Coal were included in a new edition of Sally Watson's fascinating book, Secret Underground Bristol.

We attended the Bristol Library Service's Port Cities web site development meeting at the Central Library in October. The idea is to put numerous images and information of objects in the Record Office and Museum on the web. This will increase access to these items to all who have access to the web.

We have met with Stephen Price, Head of the Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery Service, to discuss Living Easton's involvement in the proposed development of a Museum of Bristol Life at the present premises of the Bristol Industrial Museum, There will be public Consultation meetings on Thursday evening: December 12 and Saturday morning December 14th. For more information Tel. 9223602

Rosemary Green. We joined with the Group in their Green Community Day in September. On Friday, January 24th, 2003 there will be a fundraising event (A Burns Supper!) at the Castle Green United Congregational Church, Greenbank Road - ticket information from Joe Solomon, 942 5524. Later in the year in September local people are planning a Rosemary Green Festival - if you want to get involved please phone Sandra: 939 1571.

In November we met with Paul Keith, one of the Directors of the Elizabeth Shaw chocolate factory in Greenbank. We discussed the possibility of storing and displaying our large and growing Community History Archive in buildings on the factory site. Exciting news indeed! We will be meeting with Paul again in the New Year to see how we can progress this exciting opportunity. Do go to see the exhibition on the River Frome at the Architecture Center (close to the Arnolphini in the docks). It has been put on by The Forest of Avon and Friends of the River Frome. It has photos by one of our members, Steve Burwell, who took photos on our behalf of the River between Castle Park and Eastville Park..

As you will see from the enclosed Invitation, we are unveiling our latest Time-Sign to John Wall at 11am, Wednesday, December 18th. Do come along support this event and participate in celebrating our history by participating in history.

Do enjoy the holiday season and our very best wishes for the New Year.
Living Easton Management Committee
December 2002