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Water Quality Survey, April 17th 1999

Emily Nicholson from Bristol Friends of the Earthcoordinated the taking of water samples from three sites on the River Frome along Pennywell Road (Sites 1 and 2) and Wellington Road (Site 3) between Baptist Mills Roundabout and River. These results are now published and Have been passed on to Bristol City Council and the Environment Agency.

Perhaps surprisingly Sites 1 and 2 had Excellentquality ratings and a high diversity of different macroinvertebrates were found to be present, Mayflies and River Bugs were also found. Site 3 was given a Poorwater quality rating as only a low diversity of macroinvertebrates was found.

The group also looked at the Aesthetic Qualityof the river to back up the Biological survey. Sites 1and 2 both achieved average scores of 16 compared with Site 3 which scored 26 (the higher the score the worse the river looks!).