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Ikea at Eastgate

Did you know that hundreds of local people who live in East Bristol and beyond were opposed to the building of IKEA at Eastville, Bristol?

The planning proposal for IKEA was opposed for 2 years by many hundreds of Bristolians not least those who are resident in the Eastville, Easton & Ashley areas. Many local people still boycott the IKEA store.

IKEA consistently refused to meet local people to discuss their fears of the loss of quality to their lives resulting from the IKEA car-based retailing operation.

Organisations which opposed IKEA included; local schools, Bristol Friends of the Earth, The Green Party, Kebele, Living Easton, The Bristol Liberal Democratic Party, many left-wing parties, Eastville Residents Association, many street & road Residents Associations, Eastville Social Club.

Loss of Eastville Market was accepted by the planners in exchange for IKEA’s opening.

Loss of valued open space resulted from the building of IKEA.

No net gain in jobs resulted in IKEA’s opening. Jobs were lost at the Greyhound Stadium and in the many offices based at the stadium, and loss of Motor Cycle Training Business.