Additions to our Archive:  June ~ December 2002   

Environment & Community   

Bus Strategy, South Gloucestershire (OS), Booklet, South Gloucestershire Council, July 2002

West Country Weather Book Š Centered on Bristol & Bath., Barry Horton, Book, 1995         

An excellent book giving details of recorded weather conditions from 678AD to the present day. Great facts and figures on the River Frome and flooding in our area.


Colonialism & Black History   

Indians of North America: The Seminole, Merwyn S. Garbarino, Book, Publisher: Chelsea House, 1989

This small book has numerous images on the Native Americans of Florida Š of especial interest to those who want to know more on the background to the life of Henry Parker the slave who escaped from Florida and is buried in Greenbank Cemetery.

Slaves in the Family, Edward Ball, Book, Publisher: Viking, 1998    

Local History   

Photocopy of title of Conveyance for former School land, Millpond St, (OS), Public Record Office, 1896

Black & White Photo of Old Market/Bond St/Newfoundland Rd. Pre   creation of Bond St duel-carriage way

Emerald Green Lemon Border, 75 years of scouting, Fishponds, F. C. Pearce, Booklet, April 1985

Bristol Arrow Bowling Club, 1894-1994, (OS), Booklet, Publisher: Arrow Bowling Club, 1994

Contains information on the life & activities of our most famous local doctor, W. G. Grace.

Abstract of Title parcel of land, Greenbank, Lot 22. 1896, (OS), Barnett & Leonard, 1896 (donation.

This document has an interesting little map attached showing the plot land off Greenbank Road (Hinton Rd and Kingsley Rd) sold off when it was a Market Garden.

Stories from St. PhilipÕs, Ian S. Bishop, Book, 2002

This is a newly published work which, while it does not show the sources of the chronological information it contains, is never the less of interest. There are many snippets on life in Baptist Mills, Upper Easton, etc as well as St. JudeÕs, LawfordÕs Gate.


Bristol History   


The Street Names of Bristol, Veronica Smith, Book, Publisher: Broadcast Books, 2001

Our local author has done it again. This is a fascinating best-selling book showing the origins and meanings behind all the Street names in Bristol Š what a task! An updated Second Edition is currently being prepared.

Stoke Park - a history & map, Pamphlet, Stoke Park Consortium, 2002        

A History of the Victoria Rooms, Clifton, Booklet, Bryan Little, (OS), Publisher: University of Bristol, 1996

Clifton Diocesan Directory, 1984, ed. Rev. J. A. Blacker, Publisher: Burleigh Press, 1984

The Directory for Catholic Churches in Bristol, including those in east Bristol.

Bristol & Gloustershire Archaeological Society Transactions, Vol. CI, 1983

Contains an essay on Protestant Dissent in Gloucestershire by Anthea E. Jones.

Bristol & Gloustershire Archaeological Society Transactions, Vol. 116, 1998

Contains an essay on the Making of BristolÕs Victorian Parks by Colin Young.

Bristol & Gloucestershire Archaeological Society Transactions, Vol. 118, 2000

Contains an interesting essay on The Slave Trade and the Bristol Gunpowder Industry by Brenda J. Buchanan. These back copies of Transactions were bought at sale price from the Bristol Record Office, Cumberland Basin. There are other editions still available if any one is interested.

The Making of Modern Bristol, ed. Madge Dresser & Philip Ollerenshaw, Book, Publisher: Redcliffe Press, 1996

This book contains various essays  covering various aspects of  the economic-social development Bristol from 1640-1985. Topics include: Civic Identity, Religious Differences, Economic Growth, Poor Relief, The WomenÕs Movement and the development of BristolÕs Trade Union movement are      

A History of Redland (Quaker) Meeting, 1885-1997, Rose Jennings, Booklet, acquired 2002

Remember BeÕminster, Issue No 23, Xmas  (OS), Newsletter, Memories of Bedminster, 1997

The front cover of this issue shows a group women bus drivers at Lawrence Hill Depot who worked on BristolÕs buses during the Second World War

Bristol: as it was and as it is,  G Stone & SJ Loxton (OS), Book, Publisher: Bristol Evening News, W. Reid, 1909

This is a large Volume and Not For Loan. Contains views and data on Bristol in 1909 and numerous Loxton Sketches some of which may not exist in the Reference Library Collection. Many aspects of Easton & District life are contained within Š well worth a look.

Bristol Evening World, March 17, 1953, pp3-10, Newspaper (donated)

Bristol Evening World, Feb 28, 1953, pp5-8 (donated). See Easton ad.                

Bristol Evening World, March, 21, 1953 (donated)

Bristol Evening World, April, 1, 1953 (donated)

These old newspapers were recently salvaged from a shop in the Arcade off Broadmead. Various advertisements re. Easton and District.

The Story of the Theatre Royal, opened 1766 , Booklet, Publisher: Burleigh of Fishponds, 1981


Bristol Industrial, Political  & Trade Union History   

A Guide to Industrial Heritage of Avon, Photocopy, Joan Day, (OS), Publisher: Assoc. Ind. Archaeology, 1987

Bristol Potters, 1775-1906, Book, R. K. Henrywood, Publisher: Redcliffe Press, 1992   

This book contains numerous references to Easton potteries Š does anyone out there want to write them up?

Programme & Guide Book, Assoc. Chambers of Commerce, UK, Book, Publisher: Arrowsmith, 1906

This small book contains details of tours in Easton by the members of the UK Chamber of Commerce Š descriptions include PackerÕs Chocolate Factory.

Three Banks in Bristol; Nat West, Corn St., 1750-1980, Booklet, Publisher: Nat West  Bank, 1970

Small commemorative booklet. Simply shows the development of the banking system centred in Corn Street which grew from increased trade and businesses such as the brass & Copper Industry of East Bristol.

The Bristol Gas Industry, 1815-1949, Booklet, Harold Nabb, Publisher: Bristol Historical Association,1987

Has references to Stapleton Road Gas Works

The Bristol Gas Light Company, Booklet, Harold Nabb, Publisher: Bristol Historical Association, 1993



Bus Map of Bristol, First Group, August 2002

Travel Map, public transport & cycle routes Bristol-N. Somerset, N. Somerset CC, June 2002     

Flip Fax: guide to Bristol, U. K. Association of Hoteliers, acquired November 2002

Travel Map: Greater Bristol Area, Bristol City Council, 2002

The above four maps have been added to our contemporary collection of Bristol Maps. The city and our area change so fast that it is important to keep as detailed a record as possible for future generations of residents.

Port of Bristol - Plan of City Docks, Lavar's & Co, Broad St, no date, Photocopy, Industrial Museum, 2002   

Shows the River Frome flowing into the Floating Harbour. This map is available, cheaply, at the Industrial Museum.