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Trade Unions


File 1Miscellaneous notes, magazines, etc re. Trade Unions in Bristol.


LEA/TU/B/1Martyrs of Tolpuddle, The TUC/1934

Pamphlets & Booklets

LEA/TU/P&B/1Trade Unions in Bristol Brian Atkinson Brist Hist Assoc/1982
LEA/TU/P&B/2Bristol Trades Council, The (OS)D Large & R Whitfield B Hist Assoc/1973
LEA/TU/P&B/3 Other Voices (50 years of NHS) (5 copies) Butler & Depont UNISON/May 1998

Posters & Leaflets

LEA/TU/P&L/1Big Lantern Parade 23 Dec 1892 source: B City Library
LEA/TU/P&L/2Police Riot 1892 source: B City Library
LEA/TU/P&L/3Born in the NHS - 1948-98source:UNISON


LEA/TU/PC/Born in the NHS - 1948-98source UNISON

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