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Local Industries, Shops, Leisure, etc.
19th and 20th Centuries

St George

LEA/Ad-S/ Bryants-StG/1 APC, Decorators, 87-89 Bryants Hill, St George BCC, Planning Services H'bk/1998
LEA/Ad-S/Bryants-StG/2 Rodway Felt Roofing Ltd, 87 Bryants Hill, St George Burrow's Guide to B/6th Edition1
LEA/Ad-S/Bryants-StG/3 Ashton Painting & Building, 87-89 Bryants Hill BCC, Planning Services H'bk/1998
LEA/Ad-S/Chalk-StG/1 Mizen, HAB, Carriage Works, Chalk's Rd, St GeorgeWright's 1903
LEA/Ad-S/ChurchLa-StG/1 Brandwells Construction, Park House, Church lane, St G. BCC, Planning Services H'bk/19981
LEA/Ad-S/ClayH-StG/1 Thomas, Samual & Co, Construct Eng, Clay Hill St Geo, Kelly's 1960
LEA/Ad-S/Clouds-StG/1 Dauphine's, Theatrical, 32-34 Clouds Hill Rd, St G. BCC Leisure Services Hbk/1998
LEA/Ad-S/Clouds-StG/2 All Power, Elec Engineers, 142-144 Clouds Hill Rd BCC Leisure Services Hbk/1998
LEA/Ad-S/CroftsEnd-StG/1 Fussell, GE & AE, Brick WksCroft's End St George Wright's 1912
LEA/Ad-S/CroftsEnd-StG/2 Fuseland, Engineering Services, 16 Dragon Ct, Crofts End Rd, St G. BCC, Planning Services H'bk/1981
LEA/Ad-S/Howard-StG/1 G Richardson, 12 Howard Ave, St GeorgeBCC Leisure Services Hbk/1998
LEA/Ad-S/Hudds-StG/1 H&L Ceilings Ltd, The Old Workhouse, Hudds Vale Rd BCC Leisure Services Hbk/1998
LEA/Ad-S/StG-StG/1 Avon Tin Printers, Imperial Works, St George'Bristol Evening World Ind Rev' 1949
LEA/Ad-S/Summer-StG/1 Summer Hill School, St GeorgeBristol Trade Card/c1820s
LEA/Ad-S/Summer-StG/2Summer Hill School, St GeorgeBristol Trade Card/c1830s
LEA/Ad-S/Queens-StG/1 MPK, Conversions, 40 Queens RdBCC, Planning Services H'bk/1998

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