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By Street and Road Name
Local Industries, Shops, Leisure, etc.
19th and 20th Centuries


LEA/Ad-S/Church-Rfld/1 Saunders & Weeks, Guage Makers, 265 Church RdKelly's 1958
LEA/Ad-S/Church-Rfld/2 Bristol Co-op, Monumental Masons, 99 Church RdKelly's1950
LEA/Ad-S/Church-Rfld/3 Major AH & Sons, Founders, 52 Church Rd, RfldKellys 1958
LEA/Ad-S/Church-Rfld/4 Stones' Garage, 273-279 Church Rd, Rfld,Kelly's 1958
LEA/Ad-S/Church-Rfld/5Taylor Redfield Ltd, Est Agents, 144-150 Church Rd Kelly's 1958
LEA/Ad-S/Church-Rfld/6 Wakefield, WW & Son, Est Agents, 72 Church Rd, R'fld Kelly's1944
LEA/Ad-S/Church-Rfld/7 South West Petroleum, (Shiner's yard) Church Rd, R'fld'Wel-Com' Spring 1983
LEA/Ad-S/Church-Rfld/8 Ashmead, Fred A & Son, Tugs & Lighters, Chu Rd. Rfld'Port of B H'book' 1930
LEA/Ad-S/Church-Rfld/9 Dianes's, Fashions, 267 Church Rd., RfieldKingswood District Map/c1990?
LEA/Ad-S/Church-Rfld/10 Spooner, RF (opticians) Ltd, 122 Church Rd Kingswood District Map/c1990?
LEA/Ad-S/Church-Rfld/11 Shiner Autos Ltd, Retail Dealers, Church RdGreen Guide 1969/70
LEA/Ad-S/Church-Rfld/12 Ser-VueLtd, TV Repairs, 13 Church RdGreen Guide 1969/70
LEA/Ad-S/Church-Rfld/13 Colston Furnishings, 21Church RdGreen Guide 1969/70
LEA/Ad-S/Church-Rfld/14 Colston Furnishings, 21Church RdGreen Guide 1969/70
LEA/Ad-S/Church-Rfld/15Co-Op Funeral Service, 91/117Church RdGreen Guide 1969/70
LEA/Ad-S/Church-Rfld/16 Thomas Davis Ltd, Funeral Directors, 191Church RdGreen Guide 1969/70
LEA/Ad-S/Church-Rfld/17Lovell, Doug, DIY, 214 Church RdGreen Guide 1969/70
LEA/Ad-S/Pilemarsh-Rfld/1St Martins Metal Works, Pilemarsh, Redfield'Bristol, England' 1970
LEA/Ad-S/Rfld-Rfld/1 Pring, EF & Son, Bakers, Redfield 'Church of St Philip & Jacob' 1933
LEA/Ad-S/Verrier-Rfld/ 1 Alarm service Group, Verrier Hse, Verrier Rd BCC, Planning Service H'bk/1998
LEA/Ad-S/Victoria-Rfld/ 1 Chappell Allen & Co, Corset Makers, Victoria Ave, Redfield 'Bristol Evening World Ind Rev' 1949

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