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Old Bristol Photographs

Packer's Chocolate Factory (now Leaf UK), Greenbank (Photocopies)

Women (seated) at Factory work
Women (standing) at chocolate machines
Men at Chocolate processing machinery
Machinery (steam-driven)/Power House with man standing
Lath Shop - men working
Packaging/Printing Machinery - men working
Packing chocolates - women working
Boys & Men - Lunch break?/Canteen? (2 copies 1 x A4, 1 x A5)
Women working (poor quality reproduction)

Easton Mine
Felix Road

Photo/TOC/EPIT/1Underground Stables - Man cleaning floor
Photo/TOC/EPIT/2 Man riding underground railway
Photo/TOC/EPIT/3 Erecting Pit Props - 2 men at work
Photo/TOC/EPIT/4 2 men working underground
Photo/TOC/EPIT/5 Man hauling coal by strap around his waist

Victorian Photographs of Easton

Photo/TOC/BEAU/1Beaufort War HospitalFishponds - the Kitchen Women & Men working
Photo/TOC/BELL/1 Belle Vue Roadfrom Robertson Road end (2 off)
Photo/TOC/BELL/2 Belle Vue Road showing Green Bank Pub & Lower Easton Post Office
Photo/TOC/CHAP/1Chaplin Road pillar Box, off Licence - Corset factory in distance.
Photo/TOC/CHUR/RED/1 Church RoadRedfield - Theatre & Shops
Photo/TOC/CLAREM/1 Claremont Rd Charabanc outing 1920s
Photo/TOC/EAST/1 Easton Roadlooking down hill
Photo/TOC/EAST/PK/1 Eastville ParkCannon & Queens Head
Photo/TOC/EAST/PK/2Eastville ParkPark Lake, Women & boat.
Photo/TOC/EAST/PK/3 Eastville ParkChildren with Baby Carriages
Photo/TOC/EAST/PK/4 Eastville ParkBoats & Swans on lake
Photo/TOC/EAST/PK/5 Eastville ParkModel Boat, lake & boathouse
Photo/TOC/FISH/1 Fishponds Road looking towards Easton/Eastville - Tram
Photo/TOC/FISH/2 Fishponds Roadtowards Fishponds from Workhouse
Photo/TOC/FISH/3Fishponds Road looking towards old railway bridge & Eastville Park
Photo/TOC/MIVA/1Mivart Street/Epstien Buildingslooking towards St Mark's Road
Photo/TOC/MIVA/2Mivart Street Funeral procession (Crimea War/FWW?
Photo/TOC/STMARK/CH1 St Mark's Churchfigures & shops in St Mark's Rd (2 off)
Photo/TOC/STMARK/CH2 St Mark's Church portrait - figures outside
Photo/TOC/Mull/1 Muller Road The New Road, Eastville
Photo/TOC/STAP/1 Stapleton RoadTram Terminus - towards Fishponds
Photo/TOC/STAP/2Stapleton RoadTramway Terminus (looking towards Fishponds Rd)
Photo/TOC/STAP/3 Stapleton Road - junction with Fishponds Road
Photo/TOC/STAP/4 Stapleton Road view towards Railway from Concorde Cinema/HM Pictures
Photo/TOC/STAP/5Stapleton Roadview of what is now the Job Centre
Photo/TOC/STAP/6Stapleton Road view towards Easton Way inc. tram
Photo/TOC/STAP/7 Stapleton Roadcycles & boy with cart
Photo/TOC/STAP/8 Stapleton Roadview to Easton Way from Villiars Rd - horse & trap
Photo/TOC/STAP/9 Stapleton Road towards Kensington Road Church from Villiars Road
Photo/TOC/STAP/10 Stapleton Road Robertson Rd/Fishponds Rd Junction
Photo/TOC/STAP/11 Stapleton Roadin flood, boats, 1889
Photo/TOC/STAP/12 Stapleton RoadHis Majesty's Cinema - man with case
Photo/TOC/STAP/13 Stapleton Roadview towards F'ponds Rd from Rail'y Arches (2 copies)
Photo/TOC/STAP/14 Stapleton RoadTRAM
Photo/TOC/STAP/15 Stapleton Road - Old Mill House (1650-1929) G'frome Rd on right.
Photo/TOC/STAP/16 Stapleton RoadNew Bridge & Bell Hill
Photo/TOC/STAP/17 Stapleton Road Old Bridge/Ford & Bell Hill
Photo/TOC/STAP/18Stapleton Road Tram entering Warwick Rd
Photo/TOC/STAP/STN/1Stapleton Road R'way Station, Sign & p'form.
Photo/TOC/STAP/STN/2Stapleton Road R'way Station, Porters & Staff
Photo/TOC/STAP/STN/3Stapleton Road R'way Station, Steam Train
Photo/TOC/WEST/1Westbourne Roadwoman selling flowers door-to-door (1905?)
Photo/TOC/WHIT/1Whitehall Roadlooking downhill towards Easton?

3 Photos from Workshops @ Watershed Media Centre, Bristol

View over Newfoundland Road west of Rawnsley Park, Stapleton Road c.1950s
Rawnsley park, Stapleton Road c.1950s
Class 50 Locomotive passing through Stapleton Road Station c.1980s

Leisure Services - Reproductions from Bristol Corporation Baths Year Books

Open Air Swimming Pool - Eastville Park
Indoor Swimming Pool - 1969/70
Indoor Pool (Speedwell?) 1950
Woman working in Kiosk - 1965
Indoor Pool - 1964
Indoor Pool - 1967
Bristol North Baths (Glos Rd?) - outside
Jacob Wells Rd Baths - outside
Indoor Pool
Indoor Pool, converted to roller skating rink - 1961

All items, except those marked 'For Reference Only', are available for loan to members at a small charge.
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