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Hostile & Friendly Aircraft - Amendment List No 1. in ENG & ROMAN URDU/1942
National Health & Pensions Book, c.1924
Leave or Duty Ration Card, Ministry of Food, Feb 1943
The Story of Ashton Park/Ashton Court, Photocopy from 'Forest of Avon'
Swimming Certificate(1)
Swimming Certificate (2)
Opening of Speedwell Swimming Bath(copy of leaflet), May 10 1937
Prize of 'New Testament' Presented to Elein Langley by Easton Girls C School ,1928
Evening Post (part of) Monday, Aug 8 1977 - re opening of Portbury Docks (inc add for Tuckers Little George St, BS2)
Western Daily PressTuesday, July 28 1953 - Headline re. Korean Truce, report on Eastville Club break in, Easton shop theft, ad for auction of Park Cinema, St George
Auction Details, White Heart Inn, Old Market St., June 8th 1870 - details of lots of properties in; 14 + 18Little Ann St., 2 + 3 Avon St., 13 Bread St., shop corner of New Bread St/Bread St., 2 New Bread St., 7 + 10 Narrow Plain., Seven Stars PH on Penn St., 1 + 2 Penn St., 18 Water St., 14 + 15 Earl St., 1 Cherry Alley on Milk St., 23 + 35 Wellington St. in Bedminster. This document also contains the agreement by Alfred William Maunder, Publican of St Philip's to purchase Lot 16 (i.e. 18 Water St., St. Pauls) for £102.5.0d and deposit paid of £10.5.0d.

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