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Bristol Industrial History

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Box 1Transport in Bristol/Avon; notes, newspaper cuttings, publications by local bus companies, etc
File 1The Co-op Movement in Bristol


LEA/I-B/B/1 B & Glos. Dist (Geology)Kellaway & Welch HMSO/1948
LEA/I-B/B/2 Bristol Clay Pipes (OS)Jackson & PriceBristol City Museum/197
LEA/I-B/B/3 Port of Bristol. Annual Report 1966 PoB Authority (pp31 - 66 missing)
LEA/I-B/B/4Port of Bristol 1974PoB ???/1974
LEA/I-B/B/5 Studies Business Hist in BristolHarvey & Press Bristol Academic Press/1988
LEA/I-B/B/6 By Laws for New Streets City Engineers ??/1933?
LEA/I-B/B/7BIAS Journal No19 (OS)BIAS/1986
LEA/I-B/B/8 Port of Bristol Official Handbook 1952 FG Warne Ltd, Bristol PoB Authority/1952
LEA/I-B/B/9 Telford, Wrekin & Ironbridge - Visitor's Guide (OS)Wrekin Tourism/1997
LEA/I-B/B/10 Iron & Steel in the Industrial Revolution TS Ashton Man Uni Press/4th Ed, 1948
LEA/I-B/B/11 Industrial Co-operation in Bristol Edward Jackson Manchester Co-op/1911

Pamphlets & Booklets

LEA/I-B/P&B/1 Bristol -Central Area & Waterways B Planning Group 1968
LEA/I-B/P&B/2 Bristol Clay Tobacco-Pipe Industry Walker Bristol City Museum/1971
LEA/I-B/P&B/3Bristol's Sugar Trade Donald Jones Hist Assoc Uni of B/1996
LEA/I-B/P&B/5 Avon Past (16)VariousEconomic/1993
LEA/I-B/P&B/6 'Shopfronts'Conservation B'sheet No1/Poster. Avon Planning DeptAvon Public Relations Dept/1980s?
LEA/I-B/P&B/7Market Gardens in Bristol (OS) (p'copy) GW Roberts
LEA/I-B/P&B/8 Avon Past No16Avon Arch CouncilSpring 1993
LEA/I-B/P&B/9 Bristol Industrial Review (OS) Bristol Evening World/NewpaperMay 9 1939
LEA/I-B/P&B/10 The Story of Bristol/Industrial Review Bristol Evening World/Newpaper1949
LEA/I-B/P&B/11The Industrial Achiology of the Bristol Region, The Changing Port (extract p'copy) (OS) 19??
LEA/I-B/P&B/12 Telford, Ironbridge & WrekinWrekin Tourism1998
LEA/I-B/P&B/13 Ironbridge Gorge Museums Ironbridge Gorge Museum1998
LEA/I-B/P&B/14 Plan of Ironbridge Gorge MuseumsIronbridge Gorge Museum1998
LEA/I-B/P&B/15 Blaenavon Ironworks Cadw1998
LEA/I-B/P&B/16 Miners' Memories (Bedminster & Ashton) CLASSBristol Polytechnic/July 1991, 3rd Edition
LEA/I-B/P&B/17 Tales of Cornish Miners John VivianTor Mark Press/19??

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