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Local Industries, Shops, Leisure, etc.
19th and 20th Centuries


LEA/Ad-S/Alcove-Fish/1 Bristol Lido, Alcove RdBristol Guide Book 1960s?
LEA/Ad-S/Alcove-Fish/2 Canadella Ltd, Chandelers, Alcove Rd'County of Avon'/1974
LEA/Ad-S/Cause-Fish/1 Parnell, Geo & Co, Builders, The Causeway, Fpds Brist Evening World Ind Rev 9.5.1939
LEA/Ad-S/Cause-Fish/2 British Pneumatic Tools, Causeway Works, Fpds Brist Evening World Ind Rev 9.5.1939
LEA/Ad-S/Down-Fish/1 Mike Clarke Scooters, 2a Downend Rd, FishpondsGreen Guide 1969/70
LEA/Ad-S/Fish-Fish/1 Brain, Maurice, Radio & TV, 615 F'pons Rd Kelly's 19??
LEA/Ad-S/Fish-Fish/2 Terminus Garage, Fishponds, Kelly's 1958
LEA/Ad-S/Fish-Fish/3 Terminus Garage, Fishponds, Kelly's 1956
LEA/Ad-S/Fish-Fish/4 Randall, John & Sons, 663 Fishponds Rd, Kelly's1953
LEA/Ad-S/Fish-Fish/5 Sandeep, Fancy Goods, W'sale95,97 & 101 Fishponds Rd 'Wel-Com' Spring 1983
LEA/Ad-S/Fish-Fish/6 Francis, Graham & Co, Estate Agents,351 Fishponds Rd Burrow's Map/6th Edition
LEA/Ad-S/Fish-Fish/7 Holman's, The Jewellers, 707 Fishponds RdBurrow's Map of Bristol/6th Edition
LEA/Ad-S/Fish-Fish/8 Chant, Maurice D, Home Brew, 519 Fishponds Rd Burrow's Map of Bristol/6th Edition
LEA/Ad-S/Fish-Fish/9 On The Game, Computer Games, 666 Fishponds Rd, BCC Guide to Leisure Services/1998
LEA/Ad-S/Fish-Fish/10 Terminus Garage, FishpondsOliver's Tourist Road Guide/1956
LEA/Ad-S/Fish-Fish/11Peckett & Sons, Atlas Locomotive Works, Fishponds 'Bristol Evening World Ind Rev' 1949
LEA/Ad-S/Fish-Fish/12Fishponds Taxi Service, 341 Fishponds RdGreen Guide 1969/70
LEA/Ad-S/Fish-Fish/13 RA Sweet & Sons Ltd, Removals, 528-532 Fishponds RdGreen Guide 1969/70
LEA/Ad-S/Fish-Fish/14 RA Sweet & Sons Ltd, Coal Merchants, 528-532 Fishponds RdGreen Guide 1969/70
LEA/Ad-S/Fish-Fish/15 Toni of Mayfair, Hair Stylist, 775 Fishponds RdGreen Guide 1969/70
LEA/Ad-S/Fish-Fish/16 Stevens, HW, Furnishings, 771 Fishponds Rd Green Guide 1969/70
LEA/Ad-S/Fish-Fish/17 Terminus Garage, 782-786 Fishponds RdGreen Guide 1969/70
LEA/Ad-S/Fish-Fish/18 Harris, Car Sales, Fishponds RdBristol & West Country Illus/Oct 1979
LEA/Ad-S/Fish-Fish/19 Maurice D Chant, 519 Fishponds Rd'Bristol 600'/1973
LEA/Ad-S/Fish-Fish/20 PG Coombs, Builders, 507 Fishponds RdBCC Planning Directorate Hb'k/1998
LEA/Ad-S/Forest-Fish/1 Bryant, PJ, Forest Rd, Fishponds, Heating & Parafin 'Bristol Evening World Ind Rev' 1949
LEA/Ad-S/Hockey-Fish/1 Mercia Metals Ltd, Metal Merchants, 15 Hockey's LaneGreen Guide 1969/70
LEA/Ad-S/Lodge-Fish/1 Parnall & Sons, Storefitters, Est 1820'Bristol Evening World Ind Rev' 1949
LEA/Ad-S/Lodge-Fish/2 Young, DM, Butchers, 277 Lodge CausewayGreen Guide 1969/70
LEA/Ad-S/Lodge-Fish/3 Westlakes, Greengrocers, 231 Lodge CausewayGreen Guide 1969/70
LEA/Ad-S/Lodge-Fish/4 Ludwell's, TV & Radio, 288-290 Lodge CausewayGreen Guide 1969/70
LEA/Ad-S/Lodge-Fish/5Ludwell's, TV & Radio, 288-290 Lodge Causeway'County of Avon'/1974
LEA/Ad-S/RidWy-Fish/1 Fishponds & Bedminster Brick & Tile Co, Ridgeway RdWright's 1901
LEA/Ad-S/Royate-Fish/1 Denperr, TV & Radio, 4 Royate Hill, FishpondsGreen Guide 1969/70
LEA/Ad-S/Stan-Fish/1 Haskins, G & Sons, Funeral Directors, 1 Stanbury Ave, F'pds Kingswood Map/1990?
LEA/Ad-S/Stap-Fish/1 Fishponds Builders Ltd, 40 Staple Hill Rd, FpdsBCC Planning Services Hbk/1997
LEA/Ad-S/Stap-Fish/2 Artistic, Blinds & Awnings, 111 Staple Hill RdBCC Planning Services Hbk/1998
LEA/Ad-S/Stap-Fish/3 Fishponds Builders BCC Planning Services Hbk/1998
LEA/Ad-S/Wharf-Fish/1 Deightons, art for needlework, Stewart Wks, Wharf Rd, F'pds 'Bristol Evening World Ind Rev' 1949

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