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Equal Opportunities, Accessibility and Disability


LEA/EO/P&B/1Racial Harassment at School - a guide to parents Avon County Council, Avon Education199?
LEA/EO/P&B/2Making a Complaint Against the PolicePolice Complaints Authority, London199?
LEA/EO/P&B/3European passport Against Racism (small booklet-4 copies) Birmingham City Council1998?
LEA/EO/P&B/4 Services for Older People Handbook (OS) Bristol City Council/obtained 1998
LEA/EO/P&B/5 Racial Attacks & Harassment - factsheet (OS)Commission for Racial Equality1997
LEA/EO/P&B/6 Ethnic Minority Women - factsheet (OS)Commission for Racial Equality1997(revised)
LEA/EO/P&B/7 Ethnic Minorities in Britain - factsheet (OS)Commission for Racial Equality1997(revised)
LEA/EO/P&B/8 Education & Training in Britain - factsheet (OS)Commission for Racial Equality1998
LEA/EO/P&B/9 Housing & Homeless - factsheet (OS)Commission for Racial Equality1997(revised)
LEA/EO/P&B/10 Refugees & Asylum-Seekers - factsheet (OS)Commission for Racial Equality1997
LEA/EO/P&B/11 Policing & Race in England and Wales - factsheet (OS) Commission for Racial Equality1997
LEA/EO/P&B/12 Migration & Citizenship - factsheet (OS)Commission for Racial Equality1997
LEA/EO/P&B/13 Employment & Unemployment - factsheet (OS)Commission for Racial Equality1997 (revised)
LEA/EO/P&B/14 Young People in Britain - factsheet (OS) Commission for Racial Equality1998
LEA/EO/P&B/15 The Irish in Britain (OS) Commission for Racial EqualityJune 1997
LEA/EO/P&B/16 Racial Equality - Case Study 2 (OS)Commission for Racial Equalityobtained 1998
LEA/EO/P&B/17 Anti-racist Curriculum Guidelines National Union of Teachersobtained June 1998
LEA/EO/P&B/18 Ann Frank - Living Easton information packVarious sourcescollected 1998
LEA/EO/P&B/19 Racial Abuse in the Staff RoomCampaign Against Racism in EducationApril 1984


LEA/Acc&Dis/B/1Govt. Proposals for Buses & Coaches - Disability Act 1995(OS)Dept. EnvironmentTransport & Regions/Dec 1997

Pamphlets & Booklets

LEA/Acc&Dis//P&B/1Creating an Accessible Environment (OS) Planning, Transport & Development ServicesAugust 1996
LEA/Acc&Dis//P&B/2The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 - Guide to Service Providers (OS) HMSOOctober 1996
LEA/Acc&Dis//P&B/3Tactile Paving & Ramps (2 photocopied pages) (OS)
LEA/Acc&Dis//P&B/4Guidence Notes Access to Arts Venues 3rd Edition (OS)The Arts Council of England1994
LEA/Acc&Dis//P&B/5'Bulletin' - Making Information Easier, Issue 56Connect (Pheonix NHS Trust) Nov 1997

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