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LEA/Env/B/1 PondsRobert Burton David & Charles Ltd/1977
LEA/Env/B/2 Birds of Britain & EuropePeterson et al Collins/1974
LEA/Env/B/3 Community Links Annual '97(OS)Community Links, Sheffield/1997
LEA/Env/B/4 Lower Bristol Avon, Catchment Management PlanConsult Rep.(OS) NRA/March 1995
LEA/Env/B/5 1st Annual Review of Catchment Management Plan (OS) ( 2 copies) Environment Agency/1997
LEA/Env/B/6 Guide to Managing Environmental Projects (OS)Dept of Environment/1997
LEA/Env/B/7 101 Things to do with a Dead AnythingOS) (4 copies) EARTH/1997
LEA/Env/B/8 Local Action - guide to organising a Group (OS) BTCV/July 1995
LEA/Env/B/9 Lower Bristol Avon, Catchment Management Plan Action Plan(OS) NRA/March 1996
LEA/Env/B/10 Opportunities for Change, Sustainable DevelopmentDept. Env. Trans & Regions/1998
LEA/Env/B/11 Away With Waste (OS) Waste Management Authority, BCC/1997

Leaflets & Pamphlets

LEA/Env/L&P/1Proposed Environmental Improvements to St Paul's Roundabout (3xA3)BCC, Landscape Dept1998
LEA/Env/L&P/2M32 Landscape Corridor Project (Proposal) (OS)BCC, Leisure ServicesMay 1997
LEA/Env/L&P/3British Shrubs & Trees, Price List 1998Brit Shrubs & Trees 1998
LEA/Env/L&P/4River Pollution and how to avoid it (leaflet) Environment Agency1997
LEA/Env/L&P/5Spine Road & Avon Weir - Maps & Photos199? (OS)Bristol Development Corporation199?
LEA/Env/L&P/6Tree Planting & Seeds from Trees (a guide) (OS)Trees of Time & Place1997
LEA/Env/L&P/7Flood Warning Information, for Lower Bristol Avon (4 copies)Environment Agencyobtained 1998
LEA/Env/L&P/8The Severn Bore & Trent Aegir 1997Environment Agency1997
LEA/Env/L&P/9Bristol Parks News & Events, Autumn/Winter 1997/98 (2 copies)Leisure Services, Bristol City Council1997
LEA/Env/L&P/10The Malago Greenway Planning, Transport & Developmentobtained 1997
LEA/Env/L&P/11Road Users Charter, Getting the Best Out of England's Roads Highways Agencyobtained 1997
LEA/Env/L&P/12Hands On Conservation - Practical Skills (pack) BTCV1994
LEA/Env/L&P/13The River Frome - Restoration Project (4 copies)National Rivers Authorityobtained 1997
LEA/Env/L&P/14We're Burning a Hole in our Resouces - Agenda 21Bristol Environment & Energy Trustobtained 1997
LEA/Env/L&P/15Hedgerows - 1998 Training Information (6 copies) BTCV1998
LEA/Env/L&P/16Guide to Planting Wild Flower Seeds (photocopy) (OS)BTCVobtained 1997
LEA/Env/L&P/17Streets For People (6 copies)Bristol Friends of the Earthobtained 1997
LEA/Env/L&P/18Troopers Hill - Local Nature Reserve (4 copies)Leisure Services, BCCobtained 1997
LEA/Env/L&P/19Birdlife in Bristol, Proceedings of Bristol Naturalists Soc (extract p'copy) (OS) British Naturalists Soc1991
LEA/Env/L&P/20Bristol's Underground Waterways, Bristol Templer (extract p'copy) (OS) Temple Local History GpSpecial Issue
LEA/Env/L&P/21Bristol's History - Along the Banks of the River Frome (extract p'copy) (OS) Vol 2Charles Wells19??
LEA/Env/L&P/22Toxics in your Backyard (leaflet)Bristol Friends of the EarthMarch 1997
LEA/Env/L&P/23Drive Safe, Cycle Safe (2 copies) (leaflet)Department of TransportMay 1994
LEA/Env/L&P/24Bristol Naturalists' Society Information LeafletBristol Naturalists' Societyobtained 1997
LEA/Env/L&P/25Home Zones - reclaiming residential streets (OS)Children's Play Councilobtained 1997
LEA/Env/L&P/26Asbestos - a citizen's guideNational Society for Clean Airobtained 1997
LEA/Env/L&P/27Sustainable Futures for the South West - Report (OS)Government Office for the South WestJune 1997
LEA/Env/L&P/28Wintertime Smog - how to help prevent itDepartment of the EnvironmentOctober 1995
LEA/Env/L&P/29Bothered About NoiseDepartment of the EnvironmentMarch 1997
LEA/Env/L&P/30Helping Your Environment (2copies)Department of the EnvironmentFeb 1997
LEA/Env/L&P/31Leave Your Car at Home (8 copies)Friends of the Earthobtained 1997
LEA/Env/L&P/32Toxics in Your Backyard (20 copies)Friends of the EarthMarch 1997
LEA/Env/L&P/33 Fighting for Fresh Air - home truths about asthma (extract) (OS) EH (environmental health?)Vol 106/1Jan 1998
LEA/Env/L&P/34 Understanding Asthma (extract) (OS) Inst. for Environment & Health/post 1995
LEA/Env/L&P/35Sustrans - National Cycle Network - Issue 1, 1996 (3 copies) Sustrans1996
LEA/Env/L&P/36The Wildlife Trust - Membership Leaflet The Wildlife Trustobtained 1997
LEA/Env/L&P/37Dry Stone Walls (leaflet)BTCVobtained 1997
LEA/Env/L&P/38Safety Procedures on Projects (2xA4 sheets 11.A) (OS)BTCV1994
LEA/Env/L&P/39Working Together - the next 15 years (newspaper) (4 copies)Planning, Transport & Development Services1996?
LEA/Env/L&P/40Totterdown/Windmill Hill, cycle & pedestrian route, Phase II (3 copies)Planning, Transport & Development Services1997
LEA/Env/L&P/41Old Snyde Park Nature ReserveFriends of Old Snyde Parkobtained 1997
LEA/Env/L&P/42Stockwood, Local Nature Reserve (3 copies)Leisure Services & The Wildlife Trustobtained 1997
LEA/Env/L&P/43Get Wild About Your ParkLeisure Servicesobtained 1997
LEA/Env/L&P/44Soil Association - Mail Order Catalogue Winter '97Soil Association - Mail Order Catalogue Winter '97
LEA/Env/L&P/45Landscape Design - Baptist Mills/M32 (OS)Leisure Services-Landscape Design SectionFeb. 1998
LEA/Env/L&P/46Parks Stratagy (Draft) (OS)Leisure Services, BCC1997
LEA/Env/L&P/47Away With Waste (pamphlet) (OS)Waste Disposal Authority,BCC/1997
LEA/Env/L&P/48Helping Your Environment-complete the picture Dept. Environment Transport & Regions1998
LEA/Env/L&P/49The Way To Go - cutting number of journies Dept. Environment Transport & RegionsMarch 1998
LEA/Env/L&P/50The Green CodeGoing For Green1998
LEA/Env/L&P/51Running a Greener VehicleDept. Environment Transport & Regions1998
LEA/Env/L&P/52Sustainability Update 1997 - indicators of quality of life (OS)Health & Environmental Services, BCCobtained 1998
LEA/Env/L&P/53Sustainability Update 1997 - leafletHealth & Environmental Services, BCCobtained 1998
LEA/Env/L&P/54Bristol Civic Society - leaflet (2 copies)Bristol Civic Society1998
LEA/Env/L&P/55UK National Environmental Health Action Plan (overview) (OS) Dept of the Environmentobtained 1998
LEA/Env/L&P/56Pond Creation & Pond Management Leaflets (OS)Avon Wildlifeobtained 1998
LEA/Env/L&P/57Tree Planting Leaflet (OS) Avon Wildlifeobtained 1998
LEA/Env/L&P/58Bird and Bat Boxes Leaflet (OS)Avon Wildlifeobtained 1998
LEA/Env/L&P/59The Severn Way - map & information (2 copies) Environment Agency1997
LEA/Env/L&P/60150 Years of Public Health (OS)Chartered Institute of Envioronmental Health1998
LEA/Env/L&P/61Noise (neighbours)Dept of the EnvironmentFeb 1998
LEA/Env/L&P/62Trees for the Future (OS) Windmill Hill City Farmobtained 1998
LEA/Env/L&P/63Greening a small space (OS) Windmill Hill City Farmobtained 1998
LEA/Env/L&P/64Local Food Links (OS) Sustainable City Team, BCC/1998
LEA/Env/L&P/65Environment CatalogueHMSO BooksJuly 1996
LEA/Env/L&P/66Transport CatalogueHMSO BooksSeptember 1998
LEA/Env/L&P/67Indicators of Quality of Life in Bristol-Update 1997 (OS) Environment Quality TeamBCC/1998
LEA/Env/L&P/68Bristol's Biodiversity future for wildlife Bristol City Councilobtained 1998
LEA/Env/L&P/69Indicators of the Quality of Life - update 1997 (OS)Environmental Quality Team198
LEA/Env/L&P/70Surface Waters 1995-97 - rivers, watercourses & lakes in BEnvironment Protection group1999

All items, except those marked 'For Reference Only', are available for loan to members at a small charge.
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