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Local Industries, Shops, Leisure, etc.
19th and 20th Centuries


LEA/Ad-S/ Evil-Evil/1 Stone & Co, Builders (built Colston Est, Eastville) Bristol Evening World Industrial Review/9.5.1939
LEA/Ad-S/ Evil-Evil/2 Williams' Automobiles Ltd, Eastville Bristol & West Country/Oct 1979
LEA/Ad-S/ Edward-Evil/1 Royate Tools, Engineers, 1 Edward St, Eastville Kelly's 1958
LEA/Ad-S/ EastStad-Evil/1 Eastville Stadium Bristol Guide Book 1960s?
LEA/Ad-S/ EastStad-Evil/2 Eastville Stadium (Exhibition) Bristol Evening World Industrial Review/ 9.5.1939
LEA/Ad-S/ Fish-Evil/1 Eastville Electrics, 105 Eastville Road Green Guide 1969/70
LEA/Ad-S/ Fish-Evil/2 Eastville Electrics, 105 Eastville Road Green Guide 1969/70
LEA/Ad-S/ GFrom-Evil/1 Harris, Ernest J & Sons Ltd, Saw Mills, 103 G'frome Rd Kelly's 1964
LEA/Ad-S/ Ingmire-Evil/1 Thorne, P & Son, Removals, 7 Ingmire Rd, E'ville Kelly's1958
LEA/Ad-S/ Muller-Evil/1 Clake Bros, Car Dealers, 175 Muller Rd, E'ville Kelly's 1968/69
LEA/Ad-S/ Muller-Evil/2 Clarke Bros, Car Sales, 175-185 Muller Rd,  'Bristol in the 1880s' R Winstone 1960
LEA/Ad-S/ Muller-Evil/3 Clarke Bros, Car Sales, 175-185 Muller Rd Bristol Blitzed' R Winstone 1973
LEA/Ad-S/ Muller-Evil/4 Lees Carpets, 5 Muller Rd Bristol & West Country Illus Oct 1979
LEA/Ad-S/ Queen-Evil/1 McIntyre Ltd, Builders, 15 Queen Street, Eastville Green Guide 1969/70
LEA/Ad-S/ Rob-Evil/1 Howe, F & Son Ltd, Engineers, Robert St, E'ville, Kelly's 1970
LEA/Ad-S/ Rob-Evil/2 East'vl Tool & Engineering Co, Robert St, E'Ville Bristol-England' 1930
LEA/Ad-S/ Rob-Evil/3 Howe, F & Son Ltd, Engineers, Robert St, E'ville Bristol-England' 1970
LEA/Ad-S/ StonebPk-Evil/1 Chappell, J, Electric, 79 Stonebridge Pk, U E'vill 'St Mark's Parish Mag' Nov 1979
LEA/Ad-S/ TramT-Evil/1 Sprackman, Enoch, Animal Feed, Tram Term, Lower E'ville Matthew's 1896
LEA/Ad-S/ WarAve-Evil/1 Nutt, James, 6 Warwick Ave, E'ville Kelly's 1962

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