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Easton & East Bristol


File 1Potteries of East Bristol- notes, maps
File 2Boundry Changes; 1831, 1868,1896 changes to the City Boundaries especially as it effected E Bristol- Reports, maps.
File 3Crew's Hole; notes &sketches especially as relating to 'Butler's Tar Works'.
File 4Eastville Workhouse/100 Fishponds Road, notes on its history.
File 5Eastville Stadium; notes & pictures, etc. re. Bristol Rovers & Greyhound Stadium.
File 6Boots & Shoes; Notes on this Kingswood industry.
File 7Market Gardening; notes &pictures on its history.
File 8Coal Mining; Maps, notes & pictures on Mining in East Bristol.
File 9Baptist Mills Brass Industry; notes re Bristol Brass Co.
File 10History of Quakers in Bristol with especial regard to Bristol Brass Co.
File 11Miscellanious notes, pictures, advertisements on East Bristol


LEA/LH-E/B/1Barton Hill in 1950s(OS)G Gardiner 1995 (2 copies)
LEA/LH-E/B/2 Church of St Philip &Jacob, TheRev ME Thorold MA Printers:GO Wiltshire/1933
LEA/LH-E/B/3 City Pit Fred Moss Bristol Broadsides/1986
LEA/LH-E/B/4Letters from a BartonHill NotebookWm. T Sanigar Arrowsmith/1954
LEA/LH-E/B/5Easton Renewal-Draft Strategy(OS)BCC BCC/Dec 1992
LEA/LH-E/B/6 Hungry Fighters of the West Ed David Foot Redcliffe Press/1988
LEA/LH-E/B/7 Easton PromiseEllery & SmithWhite Tree Books/1989
LEA/LH-E/B/8Gentlemen and Players(WG Grace) Peris Jones Downend Local History Society/1989
LEA/LH-E/B/9 Wesley's Journal, selections ed. Hugh MartinSCM Press Ltd/1955
LEA/LH-E/B/10 Dream On - Bristol Writers on Cinema (OS)New Words/1994

Pamphlets & Booklets

LEA/LH-E/P&B/1 Easton CameosEllery/Smith 199?
LEA/LH-E/P&B/2 Easton the Forgotten Hamlet(OS) (photocopy) Ellery 19??
LEA/LH-E/P&B/3 Ellery's EastonVeronica SmithManor Hse/1995
LEA/LH-E/P&B/4 From Norway to Narroways H McPhillimy Narroways Action Group/1997
LEA/LH-E/P&B/5 From Colliers to ClickersSylvia Fryer ACCES/1988
LEA/LH-E/P&B/6 History of Lawrence HillDavid Staphenson ?????/?????
LEA/LH-E/P&B/7 I Talk Now (OS)Ruth Hecht BASHPS/July 1996
LEA/LH-E/P&B/8Bartonian No 34, Redfield Then & Now (OS)Barton Hill History Group Spring 1996
LEA/LH-E/P&B/9 War on the HillDavid Cheesley D Cheesley & BH HistGp/1987
LEA/LH-E/P&B/10O ur Yesterdays in Easton LW Ellery????/1987
LEA/LH-E/P&B/11St Mark (Lower Easton)Story, TheLionel W Ellery Portishead Press Print/1984
LEA/LH-E/P&B/12 St Mark's Parish Mag Feb 1966
LEA/LH-E/P&B/13 St Mark's Parish Mag April 1979
LEA/LH-E/P&B/14 St Mark's Parish MagMay/June 1979
LEA/LH-E/P&B/15 St Mark's Parish Mag August 1979
LEA/LH-E/P&B/16St Mark's Parish Mag Sept. 1979
LEA/LH-E/P&B/17St Mark's Parish Mag Oct. 1979
LEA/LH-E/P&B/18St Mark's Parish Mag Nov. 1979
LEA/LH-E/P&B/19 Outside the Gate, Memories of St Jude's I Various Residents Central Adult Education/1988
LEA/LH-E/P&B/20Outside the Gate, Memories of St Jude's IIVarious Residents Central Adult Education/1988
LEA/LH-E/P&B/21Not Worth a PinDoreen Street Kingswood History Project/19??
LEA/LH-E/P&B/22 Price List, Harold Cole, 'Park House', St Mks Rd c1955?
LEA/LH-E/P&B/23 Day OutD Jones & G Richards Abson Books/1977
LEA/LH-E/P&B/24 Frome Valley Nature TrailB Naturalists SocBristol Parks/19??
LEA/LH-E/P&B/25Frome Valley Nature TrailB Naturalists SocOpen Spaces Comm BristolCouncil/1985
LEA/LH-E/P&B/26Easton Renewal - Stratagy Summary (OS)Bristol City Council/obtained 1996
LEA/LH-E/P&B/27Easton Renewal - Draft Stratagy (OS) Bristol City CouncilDecember 1992
LEA/LH-E/P&B/28The Old Railway Line, introductory guide (pamphlet)Kingswood Borough Council19??
LEA/LH-E/P&B/29Housing Committee Report- Easton Renewal Area (OS) Bristol City Council12/1/98
LEA/LH-E/P&B/30Oldbury Court & Snuff Mills (notes, maps, photos) (OS) source: Eastville Park Rangers1998
LEA/LH-E/P&B/31Easton Renewal Newsletter- Second Edition (2 x A4) Easton RenewalMay 1998
LEA/LH-E/P&B/32Stapleton Road StreetsceneEnhancements (3 copies) Easton RenewalMay 1998
LEA/LH-E/P&B/33Stratagy Summery - StAg & St W'bg Renewal (OS) St Ag & St W'bg Renewal1996
LEA/LH-E/P&B/34Stratagy - St Ag &St W'bg Renewal (OS) St Ag & St W'bg RenewalMarch 1998
LEA/LH-E/P&B/35Easton Renewal - progress update 1991-96 (2 copies)Easton RenewalBCC/1996
LEA/LH-E/P&B/36Account of (Wesley) School in Kingswood John Wesley John Marcon Press/obtained1998
LEA/LH-E/P&B/37'Chelsea Gardens', Easton(OS) Beazer HomesAugust 1998
LEA/LH-E/P&B/38The Story of Fishponds & St Mary's Church Rev J Wilson British PublishingCo1933?
LEA/LH-E/P&B/39St Patrick's Parish, Redfield, commemorativebooklet St Patrick's/1983
LEA/LH-E/P&B/40Consecration of St Patrick's Church Redfield booklet St Patrick's/1973

Postcards & Pictures

LEA/P&P/4 Stapleton Road Junction(3 copies) Arley House Postcards
LEA/P&P/5Eastville Park & StapletonChurch1906


LEA/LH-E/ART/1 St Mark National School, School Cash Book, 1887-1894 Purchased by Living Easton23/02/98
LEA/LH-E/ART/2 St Mark National School, List of Staff 1889-90,Handwritten,Purchased by Living Easton23/02/98
LEA/LH-E/ART/3 St Mark National School, Notice, July 24 1884 Purchased by Living Easton23/02/98
LEA/LH-E/ART/4 St Mark National School, Education Act 1891 (3 copies)Purchased by Living Easton23/02/98


LEA/LH-E/VID/1Echoes of EastonVeronica Smith1st Take Presentation/1997
LEA/LH-E/VID/2Easton LivesBS5 Video GroupLiving Easton/1998

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