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Bristol History


LEA/BrH/B/1Bristol (Official Handbook)B City CouncilBurrow/1950s/1960s?
LEA/BrH/B/2Bristol in the 1890s (180 photos)Reece WinstoneReece Winstone/1960
LEA/BrH/B/3 Bristol Picture Book (1890-1940)W Wythe & I BildBristol Broadsides/1985
LEA/BrH/B/4 Bristol Picture Book (1940-1960)W Wythe & I Bild Bristol Broadsides/1985
LEA/BrH/B/5Bristol S Davies BCC/1989
LEA/BrH/B/6Bristol, England B City CouncilBurrow/1970
LEA/BrH/B/7City & County of BristolLittle W Laurie/1954
LEA/BrH/B/8Civic Treasures of Bristol (OS) Mary Williams City of Bristol/1984
LEA/BrH/B/9 Guide To Bristol Redcliffe1983
LEA/BrH/B/10Guide to Bristol & CliftonChallenger & E'ard BT&C Co/19??
LEA/BrH/B/11Portrait of AvonJohn Haddon Hale/1970S?
LEA/BrH/B/12Shocking History of BristolD Robinson Abson/1973
LEA/BrH/B/13 Bristol Coast & Countryside(OS)Bristol City Council BCC/1989
LEA/BrH/B/14 Ladies Mile Victoria HughesAbson Books/1977
LEA/BrH/B/15Images of Bristol 1850-1910J Belsey & D Harrison Redcliffe Press/1987
LEA/BrH/B/16 Bristol Blitz DiaryJohn Dike Redcliffe Press/1982
LEA/BrH/B/17 Broadmead Church - Origins 1640-1940 Child & Shipley Kingsgate Press/1940
LEA/BrH/B/18Annals of Bristol 1887 - 1900 John Latimer William George's Sons/1902 (REF ONLY)
LEA/BrH/B/19Bristol Building Control Handb'k 1997(OS)Bristol City Council McMillan-Scott PLC/Aug 1997
LEA/BrH/B/20Bristol Trade Cards (OS)John WinstoneReece Winstone Archive & Publishing/1993
LEA/BrH/B/21'RIOT!', The Bristol Bridge Massacre of 1793 M MansonPast & Present Press/1997
LEA/BrH/B/22The Bristol BookCity of Bristol District Council1984
LEA/BrH/B/23Selected Poems by James AclandCompiled & Published by Neville R Acland1993
LEA/BrH/B/24The Bristolian 1827, Vol. 1Compiled & Published by Neville R Acland1994
LEA/BrH/B/25The Bristolian 1827, Vol. 2Compiled & Published by Neville R Acland1994
LEA/BrH/B/26Memoirs of James AclandCompiled & Published by Neville R Acland1996
LEA/BrH/B/27The Bristol Bread Association 1829-1831Compiled & Published by Neville R Acland1996
LEA/BrH/B/28Licentiousness of the Press, July 1829, James AclandCompiled & Published by Neville R Acland/1997
LEA/BrH/B/29Handbook to Planning, Transport & Services Directorate (2 copies)P.T&D Directorateobtained 1997
LEA/BrH/B/30Bristol City Centre Stratagy - Section 1 - Draft (OS) Bristol City September 1996
LEA/BrH/B/31A Grand Tour of FrenchayJohn Lucena/Colston Waite Frenchay Conservation Society/1989
LEA/BrH/B/32Bristol - official visitors guide (inc Centre Map)Burrow1974?
LEA/BrH/B/33Bristol City Centre Stratagy - Section 1 - (Revised) (2 copies)Bristol City CouncilJanuary 1998
LEA/BrH/B/34Bristol City Centre Stratagy - Section 2 - (Revised) (2 copies) Bristol City CouncilJanuary 1998
LEA/BrH/B/35Bristol Democracy Plan (OS)Bristol City CouncilSpring 1998
LEA/BrH/B/36Rural Rides of the Bristol Churchgoer (1843-5) J Leech Ed. Pub.Alan Sutton/1982
LEA/BrH/B/37The Widening Gate (1450-1700) David Harris Sacks Uni. of California Press/1993
LEA/BrH/B/38Bristol City Centre Stratagy - Section 3 Neighbourhood Statements Bristol City CouncilSeptember 1998
LEA/BrH/B/39Dream On - Bristol Writers on Cinema (OS)New Words1994
LEA/BrH/B/40Handbook to Planning, Transport & Services Directorate '98-99P.T&D Directorate1998
LEA/BrH/B/41Bristol Community Resource PackBristol City Council1998

Pamphlets & Booklets

LEA/BrH/P&B/1 Streets of BristolE RalphBristol Hist Assoc/1981
LEA/BrH/P&B/2 Bristol as We Remember ItVariousBristol Broadsides/1984
LEA/BrH/P&B/3Bristol Choral Society - Programme 1930
LEA/BrH/P&B/4Bristol PageantOfficial Programme Fleetway Press/1924
LEA/BrH/P&B/5 BristolAnn Waller (ed)Constaple/7th Ed/ 1960s?
LEA/BrH/P&B/6 Early Music Hall in BristolKathleen BarkerBristol Historical Assoc/19??
LEA/BrH/P&B/7 Guide to Bristol's PubsPearce & WilsonB Pub Guides/c.1960s?
LEA/BrH/P&B/8 Creating an Accessible Environment(OS)Planning BCC/August 1996
LEA/BrH/P&B/9Bristol 600 Exhibition - Programme (OS)Evening Post1973
LEA/BrH/P&B/10'Wel-Com' Mag of Police Comrades AssocPolice AssocSpring 1983
LEA/BrH/P&B/11Cervus Britannicus (OS)British Deer Soc.A Nelson Ltd/1987
LEA/BrH/P&B/12Oliver's Road GuideBristol Printing1956
LEA/BrH/P&B/13West Country Stone WallsJanet BodminThe Redcliffe Press/1979
LEA/BrH/P&B/14 Bristol June Dairy Festival 1958 - Souvenir ProgrammeDrill Hall O M'kt
LEA/BrH/P&B/15 Radical Childhood in Bristol 1889 - 1939 (OS) (photocopy - essay) Stephen Humphries Bristol Broadsides/??
LEA/BrH/P&B/16 The Story of Ashton Court (OS) (Photocopy extract) Source: Forest of Avon
LEA/BrH/P&B/17Captain Woodes Rogers' Voyage Donald JonesHist Branch Uni Bristol/1992
LEA/BrH/P&B/18 St Mark's/Lord Mayor's ChapelE Ralph & H Evans City of Bristol/1979
LEA/BrH/P&B/19Guide to Geological Map of Bristol DistrictProf. SH Reynolds Bristol Museum & Art Gallery/2nd Ed 1935
LEA/BrH/P&B/20 Bristol Corporation of the Poor 1696-1898EE ButcherBristol Historical Assoc/1972
LEA/BrH/P&B/21Guide to Health & Environmental Services Bristol City Council Bristol City Council/1998
LEA/BrH/P&B/22 The Bristolian, Daily Local 28/5/1827-5/6/1827 (photocopies) James Acland Compiled: N Acland/1995
LEA/BrH/P&B/23The Bristolian, Daily Lit. 6/6/1827-18/6/1827 (photocopies) James Acland Compiled: N Acland/1995
LEA/BrH/P&B/24 Bristol Cathedral (leaflet inc brief history) obtained 1998
LEA/BrH/P&B/25 Bristol Postcard Auctions Catalogue (Easton Postcard on Cover)Bristol Postcard Auctions1984
LEA/BrH/P&B/26 How to use Bristol City Council Leisure ServicesBristol City Council1998
LEA/BrH/P&B/27Restoration of Queens Square (2 copies) (OS)Bristol City Council1obtained 1997
LEA/BrH/P&B/28 Equalities & Development Committee - Investment Stratagy (Draft) 1998-2001(OS)Community Development Team 24/797
LEA/BrH/P&B/29 On The Nail - A Contract With The Bristol Community (OS)Bristol City CouncilNovember 1997
LEA/BrH/P&B/30Bristol Economic Development Stratagy, 1995 - 1998 (OS)Bristol City CouncilMay 1995
LEA/BrH/P&B/31Integrated Equalities Policy Equalities & Community Development UnitFebruary 1997
LEA/BrH/P&B/32Quick Guide Stationary List (2 copies) (OS) Printing & Stationary Catalogue, Contract Services, BCC July 1997
LEA/BrH/P&B/33Bristol - The Attractions Guide 1997Bristol City Council1997
LEA/BrH/P&B/34 Bristol City Centre Stratagy - Draft (leaflet) (OS) (4 copies)Bristol City CouncilSeptember 1996
LEA/BrH/P&B/35Living Bristol - Guide/PosterLeisure Services, BCC1996
LEA/BrH/P&B/36Creating a New Centre for Bristol (3 copies) (OS)Planning, Transport & Development Services, BCC1997
LEA/BrH/P&B/37 John Wesley's Chapel, The Horsefair (leaflet) (3 copies) obtained 1997
LEA/BrH/P&B/38Bristol, The Legible City (OS) (leaflet)BCC & City IDobtained 1997
LEA/BrH/P&B/39GOSW - Annual Report - August 1997 (OS)Government Office for the South West1997
LEA/BrH/P&B/40 Bristol - a unique city - showing the way forward for sustainable urban transport (4 copies) (OS) Bristol City Council1997
LEA/BrH/P&B/41Walks in History Avon Oral History NetworkMarch 1996
LEA/BrH/P&B/42Temple Way Improvements (4 copies) Bristol City Council + English Partnerships1998
LEA/BrH/P&B/43The Harbourside Centre - leaflet (3 copies)Bristol City Council1998
LEA/BrH/P&B/44The Bristol RiotsSusan Thomas Bristol Branch of the Historical Association/1995 ed
LEA/BrH/P&B/45 Open Air Schools of BristolJeannie Shorey Bristol Branch of the Historical Association/1992
LEA/BrH/P&B/46 A Secondry School for your Child - Parent's Guide (OS) Bristol City Council1998
LEA/BrH/P&B/47Bristol Visitors' Guide by Constable (with 3 maps) C&D Constaple Ltd/5th Editon c1964
LEA/BrH/P&B/48Walk Round Guide to Bristol (with maps inc Frome) BCC Wessex Publications Ltd/1978
LEA/BrH/P&B/49Bristol & West Country Illustrated (OS) Brunel Press Ltd/Oct 1979
LEA/BrH/P&B/50Civic News Number 20 (A4)Corporation of BristolApril 1959
LEA/BrH/P&B/51List of Council Members & Committees (OS)Bristol City CouncilMay 1998
LEA/BrH/P&B/52 Guide to Bristol's Community Groups BCVSSpring 1994
LEA/BrH/P&B/53Bristol - Pocket GuideBristol City Council1998
LEA/BrH/P&B/54Bristol Royal Soc for the Blind - short history BRSB obtained 1998
LEA/BrH/P&B/55Employee Handbook, Social Services (OS)Bristol City Council1998
LEA/BrH/P&B/56The Friends Meeting House, FrenchayDorothy Vinter???/2nd Edition, 1970
LEA/BrH/P&B/57Early Bristol Quakerism, 1654 - 1700Russell MortimerB Uni Hist Assoc/1967
LEA/BrH/P&B/58Bristol Royal Society for the Blind 1793-1993 (OS) John leCue BRSB/1993
LEA/BrH/P&B/59Walking in BristolHelena EasonKingsmead/1978
LEA/BrH/P&B/60Walking Around Bristol Helena Eason Kingsmead/1979
LEA/BrH/P&B/61Employee HandbookBristol City CouncilApril 1984
LEA/BrH/P&B/62County of Avon (breakdown of Services at commencement)Public Relations & Publicity1973?1974?
LEA/BrH/P&B/63St Mary's on the Quay, Notes on its history M Fedden Burleigh Press/c1950?
LEA/BrH/P&B/64St Mary Redcliffe, Festival Booklet, Sept 1975 Buston & Assoc/1975

Postcards & Pictures

LEA/BrH/P&P/1The Wanderer Caravan (2 copies) BIM/Caravan Club
LEA/BrH/P&P/2 Burning of Bishop's PalaceWJ Muller B Museum &Art Gallery
LEA/BrH/P&P/3Bristol Historic Tapastry Quakers Friars City of B Print & Stationery Dept
LEA/BrH/P&P/5Temple Meads Station as in 1840s BBC Hulton Pic Lib
LEA/BrH/P&P/6Bristol Pottery (copy) W Fifield 15/2/1820 City of B Museum & Art Gallery
LEA/BrH/P&P/7Map of Bristol (reproduction)Lavar 1887 City of B Museum & Art Gallery


LEA/BrH/Vid/1City of the Seanarr. Tony RobinsonMoon Street Productions Ltd/1996

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