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Bristol Directories

File re. dates and publishers of Directories of Bristol.


LEA/B/DOB/1 First Bristol Directory,The (1775)WF JacksonTemple Local History Gp/1993
LEA/B/DOB/2Matthew's Directory 1793-4MatthewReprint REF ONLY
LEA/B/DOB/3Sketchley's Directory1775Sketchley/LittleKingsmead/1971
LEA/B/DOB/13Kelly's Directory1932REF ONLY
LEA/B/DOB/4Kelly's Directory 1944REF ONLY
LEA/B/DOB/5Kelly's Directory1950REF ONLY
LEA/B/DOB/6 Kelly's Directory1953REF ONLY
LEA/B/DOB/7Kelly's Directory1960REF ONLY
LEA/B/DOB/12Kelly's Directory1962REF ONLY
LEA/B/DOB/8 Kelly's Directory1966REF ONLY
LEA/B/DOB/11Kelly's Directory1968/69REF ONLY
LEA/B/DOB/9Kelly's Directory1970REF ONLY
LEA/B/DOB/10Kelly's Directory1972REF ONLY
LEA/B/DOB/11The Bristol Green Guide1969/70J Weinner Ltd, Surry RefOnly

Phone Directories

LEA/B/DOB/PD/1Yellow Pages 1996/97
LEA/B/DOB/PD/1Thompson Directory1996/97


LEA/B/DOB/10Waklin's Street Guideof Bristol & DistrictFH Waklin Ltd/??pre 1966

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