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BlackHistory & Colonialism


Box of files 1. Coffee, Cocoa, Bananas; pictures,maps, local companies, extracts + notes
Box of files 2. Conquest & Resistance,Africa 1400-1850, Rasism/Anti-Rasist Attitudes Today
Box of files 1. Cabot 500 & History ofBristol's concentratin on Cabot/Matthew History, Slavery, Slave Trade,East Indians in the West Indies.


LEA/BlH/B/1 Black Jacobins, TheCLR JamesAllison & Busby1991
LEA/BlH/B/2Capitalism & SlaveryE WilliamsDeutsch1993
LEA/BlH/B/3The Destruction of BrazilianSlavery 1850 -88, R ConradUniversity of California1972
LEA/BlH/B/4Columbus: His EnterpriseHans KoningLatin American Bureau1991(?)
LEA/BlH/B/5 Trials of IndependenceB R AgarwalaNational Book Trust, India1993
LEA/BlH/B/6 Atlas of Post War ProblemsHorrabinPenguin1943
LEA/BlH/B/7 In Miserable SlaveryDouglas HallWarwick University CaribbeanSeries/Macmillan/1989
LEA/BlH/B/8 Story of Africa, The(OS)Basil Davidson/Channel 4/NigerianTV Network (on loan Mike Baker)RM Arts1984
LEA/BlH/B/9 Sugar - Peeps at IndustryEA Browne
LEA/BlH/B/10First Colonists, TheA&C Black/1911 Richard HakluytThe Folio Society1986
LEA/BlH/B/11 West Indian Women at WarBousquet/DouglasLaw. & Wishart1991
LEA/BlH/B/12 Stanley, Henry Morton1841-1904R TamesShire1973
LEA/BlH/B/13Marcus Garvey (frontcover missing)Eric L HuntleyFriends of Bogle1988
LEA/BLH/B/14 The Horrors of SlaveryRobert Wedderburn/ed I McCalman Edinburgh University Press1991
LEA/BLH/B/15 Bristol TransportedJohn F MacesonRedcliffe Press Ltd1987
LEA/BLH/B/16 A Grand Army of BlackMenEdwin S Redkey Cambridge University Press1993
LEA/BLH/B/17Cardo, Sweedish SugarCo 1907-1982Jan KuuseIBL AB, Sweden1983
LEA/BLH/B/18Black England - Life beforeEmancipation Gretchen Gerzina R John Murray Ltd1995
LEA/BLH/B/19The Life of Olaudah Equiano (Ed Paul Edwards) OlaudahEquiano Longman1988
LEA/BLH/B/20Lost Children of the EmpireP Bean & J MelvilleUnwyn & Hyman1990
LEA/BlH/B/21 The Sect that Moved theWorld John TelfordKelly1932?
LEA/BlH/B/22 Four Women - Black Makersof History Ulter, McLean, et al ALBSU1987

Pamphlets & Booklets

LEA/BlH/P&B/1 Anti-Slave Trade Movement Peter Marshall Hist Assoc Uni of Bristol/1996
LEA/BlH/P&B/2 Grenada, Interview withB CoardChris Searle Liberation/Race & Classc1980
LEA/BlH/P&B/5India's Struggle for FreedomPN Chopra Ministry of Information &Broadcasting Gvt of India/1984
LEA/BlH/P&B/6 Wheatson's Atlas of British& World HistoryWheatson / 1935 old text book from BartonHill ,Snr Mixed Sch.
LEA/BlH/P&B/7 Transatlantic SlaveryHistory, Against Human Dignity (OS)National Museums& Galleries of Mersysidepurchased 1998
LEA/BlH/P&B/8 Transatlantic SlaveryHistory Trail, LiverpoolNational Museums & Galleriesof Mersysidepurchased 1998
LEA/BlH/P&B/9 Slave Trade Trail aroundCentral Bristol Bristol Museums & ArtGallery Bristol City Council/1998
LEA/BlH/P&B/10 Thoughts upon Slavery John Wesley (1774) John Marcon Press/ obtained1998

Posters & Postcards

LEA/BLH/P&P/1Poster/ PortraitOlaudah EquianoNational Museums & Galleriesof Mersyside/purchased 1998
LEA/BLH/P&P/2Poster/Transatlantic SlaveryNational Museums & Galleriesof Mersyside/purchased 1998
LEA/BLH/P&P/3Postcard/ Enslaved African BreakingChainsNational Museums & Galleriesof Mersyside/purchased 1998
LEA/BLH/P&P/4Postcard/Funerary Mask, PeruNational Museums & Galleriesof Mersyside/purchased 1998
LEA/BLH/P&P/5Postcard/ Liverpool Slave Ship c.1780National Museums & Galleriesof Mersyside/purchased 1998
LEA/BLH/P&P/6Postcard/ The Nat Turner Revolt,1831National Museums & Galleriesof Mersyside/purchased 1998

BlackHistory - Bristol

(seealso Women's History)


LEA/BlH-B/B/1 Divided FamiliesRanjit SondhiRunnymede Trust/1987
LEA/BlH-B/B/2 Migrants & RefugeesP JeffreyCUP/1976
LEA/BLH -B/B/3 Black & White on theBusesMadge DresserBristol Broadsides/1986

Pamphlets & Booklets

LEA/BlH-B/P&B/1After The FireEqual Opps Sub CommNUT Avon/1980
LEA/BlH-B/P&B/2Annual Report 1980 (OS) BREC 1981
LEA/BlH-B/P&B/2aAnnual Report 1981 (OS) BREC 1981
LEA/BlH-B/P&B/3Black Population Bristolin C18thJones & Youseph
LEA/BlH-B/P&B/4Bristol Slave TradersD RichardsonHist Assoc Uni of B/1996
LEA/BlH-B/P&B/5Records Relating to Slavery B Record Office
LEA/BlH-B/P&B/6 Bristol & The IndianIndependence MovementRohit BarotBristol Hist Assoc, University
LEA/BlH-B/P&B/7 Rammohun Roy 1772-1833?????????
LEA/BlH-B/P&B/8 Bristol & The AfricanSlave Trade Madge Dresser et alB Museum & Art Gallery/1997


LEA/BlH B/V/1A History of Bristol Migrants1968 St Paul's Carnivalobtained from Asian Arts1998

All items, except those marked 'For Reference Only', are available for loan to members at a small charge.

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