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Welcome to the Living Easton Web Site

Here's a brief run down of some of the things we're doing

The Living Easton Time-Signs Trail A History Trail around Easton, Eastville and Greenbank. 40 plus places of Historic, Industrial and Social interest marked by imaginative signs.

Free The Frome!

A project which highlights our local River Frome (known locally as the Danny). Since 1996 we've planted 1,000s of trees along its course. Our stretch of the River Frome is now part of the official Frome Valley Walkway.

Living Easton's Community History Archive

Yep, we've got a great library that is open to all who live, work or have an interest in Easton and its district. It's full of Books, Pamphlets and Booklets, Maps, Old Advertisements, Photos and Sketches of East Bristol - all available on loan.

We've also got information on specific subjects. For example: 'Transatlantic Slave Trade and Slave Rebellions and Revolts, 'Quaker History and Quakers and Bristol', 'The River Frome', 'women's History', 'The South Gloucestershire Coal Field', etc.

The Archive also attempts to record contemporary Easton and local social changes. So, if you're doing a project on local issues, want further information for the National Curriculum or are just interested in reading and looking! The give us a call or an email and arrange a visit.

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