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Living Easton's Aims and Objectives

Our Aims

  1. To bring together the energy and diversity of our cultures through the co-ordination of agreed community events and activities throughout Easton, Eastville, Baptist Mills and Greenbank.
  2. To create a living tapestry of community life.
  3. To develop an open and effective network that encourages communication and action.
  4. To provide a forum for members of Living Easton to meet formally to consider matters of concern and importance.
  5. To address such issues as low income, isolation, poor social and physical environment.
  6. To ensure representation of all community groups in the running of the project.
  7. To change the media perception of Easton to Easton is the place to live

Our Objectives

To obtain funding for community projects which:-

Our Equal Opportunities Statement

  1. Living Easton recognises that some individuals and groups of people in our society experience unequal treatment because of discrimination.
  2. Living Easton will not discriminate against any member, user, job applicant, volunteer, or employee on the grounds of:-