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ll the people from All over the world who live & work in Easton & District. Click to see our Equal Opportunities Policy.
aptist Mills - a short history of this 'forgotten' hamlet on the River Frome.
oal Mining in Easton - the history of Leonard, Boult & Company and details of the rebellious miners of Kingswood. A living memorial to those who died in Easton's Pit. 
arby, Abraham the First, who along with other Bristol Quakers established Britain's first commercially successful Brass Manufacturey at Baptist Mills.
nvironment. Find out what our members have been up to as they improve our environment along the River Frome.
elix Road. The Home of Easton's First Time-Sign.
race, WG the internationally renowned Gloucestershire cricketer who was once the local doctor in Easton.
emmings Waste, an old Family Business which started as a coal haulage concern at Easton Pit. Here you can see the Time-Sign outside the company's HQ in St Gabriels Road in Easton. 
ndustry in Easton; Coal, Pottery, Brass, Market Gardening, Engineering, Workhouses.
amaica home of the Maroon Warriors who fought for their freedom from the British. For our list of Slave Rebellions & Revolts just click the image of the warrior.
ids of Easton. Click on Tanaeyah to see more photos of the kids of Easton today!
inks to other sites like this.
aps, Books, Pamphlets, Photos, Sketches, etc. A complete list of the contents of the Living Easton Community History Archive
ews about Living Easton. All the latest information on our activities, including latest publications, meetings, walks & talks, our Community History Archive, etc.
ur Aims and Objectives. 
enn Family History. How this local family carried out a policy of amassing huge wealth and lands through a policy of warfare, slavery and annihilation of indigenous peoples.
uakers in Bristol. A short history of this religious sect in our city including accounts of the lives of Abraham Darby the First and the Gouldney family.
iver Frome, known locally as the Danny. Just click to find out more about is fascinating history and local efforts to improve the environment along its course.
treet Art in Easton by local artists
ime-signs Trail around Easton. Over 40 sites of historical interest in our area 5 of which are now marked by colourful Signs such as the one shown here made by Wards of Bristol. The sign is now situated at Stapleton Road Station.
nions - read about Ben Tillett and other pioneers.
oice for Easton. Our E-mail address. We welcome your comments.
hite, J. & J. Their once-famous Victorian pottery was based at Baptist Mills from 1840 to 1891.
X, X, X! Women got the Vote! Click here for Easton Women's History. This picture shows women in Bristol blocking up the Frome Gate in an attempt to prevent access to the city by Royalist forces in 1643.
did we lose the Bristol Rovers Ground to have an unwanted IKEA store? Click here for information on BREATHE (Bristol Residents Against IKEA at Eastville).
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