UWEcyber is a collective of academics at the University of the West of England (Bristol, UK) with a passion for cyber security. UWEcyber are active in teaching, research, outreach, and external industry engagement. We collaborate and share with the community, and we strive to improve cyber security for our region and beyond. We are recognised by the National Cyber Security Centre as an Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Education (ACE-CSE).




Our UWEcyber seminar series will resume in January 2021, in line with the new academic year for the MSc Cyber Security programme.

Dr Panagiotis Andriotis will be running a Mini Digital Forensics Seminar Series during Autumn 2020. Please get in touch if you are interested in attending these sessions online.
17th December 2020, 16:00: FTK or Blacklight or Linux Forensics.
10th December 2020, 16:00: EnCase
3rd December 2020, 16:00: Mobile Device Forensics
26 November 2020, 16:00: Magnet Axiom CTF
19 November 2020, 16:00: Cellebrite CTF

UWEcyber Talks 2019-2020
4th March 2020, 12:00: AmioSec
19th February 2020: Lighthouse Forensics
5th February 2020: EY
29th January 2020: ImmersiveLabs
4th December 2019: Context IS
27th November 2019: Nationwide
20th November 2019: ACM CCS Conference Review (Gwyn Wilkison and Andrew McCarthy)
13th November 2019: Securitay Conference Preview (Ian Johnson)
23th October 2019: Android Permissions, To Allow or Deny (Panagiotis Andriotis)
9th October 2019: Research in UWEcyber (Phil Legg)
2nd October 2019: UWE Cyber Security Society