Welcome to Security Data Analytics and Visualisation. This module will explore cyber security analytics, and how analysts may gather, transform, combine, analyse, visualise, interact with, and understand complex data sets. We will focus on different aspects of cyber security, ranging from network traffic analysis, malware behavioural detection and classification, and insider threat detection. We will explore how different analytical techniques can help bring context to these challenges, and how machine learning can be used for analysing data. We will then look at visualisation and interactive techniques for greater intepretation and understanding of information. Finally, we will explore various case studies that showcase different forms of data, analytical methods, and visualisation outputs.

Course Structure

Each stage of the course will be released on a per-week basis, and you will be expected to complete the activites provided. The timetabled session will allow for further discussion for the related content.

  1. Session details will be announced shortly.


All assignments are published and submitted via the UWE Blackboard.

Queries and Contact

Course queries can be made using the available submission form. All practical lab appointments should be booked via this same form. If you have any issues, please get in touch via e-mail.