Dr. Phil Legg is a Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Computer Science at University of the West of England (UWE Bristol), UK. His research interests cover a variety of CS topics, most notably in the areas of Data Visualization, Visual Analytics, Cyber Security and Machine Learning. Other research interests also include Computer Vision, Computer Graphics and Human-Computer Interaction. He has over 10 years experience of delivering academic research and teaching, and has worked on a number of collaborative research projects across medical, sport, and cyber-security domains.

At UWE Bristol, he is a member of Computer Science and Creative Technologies, the Artificial Intelligence Group and the Cyber Security Research Unit. Before joining UWE Bristol, previous positions had been held at Cardiff University, Swansea University, and the University of Oxford.

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I am involved with a number of applied research projects that intersect visual analytics, data visualisation, machine learning, and cyber security. I am keen to establish new multi-disciplinary collaborations so that my expertise can provide practical real-world solutions for others, be it regionally-based around the Bristol area, across the United Kingdom, or further afield internationally. If you would like to discuss potential research opportunities further then please e-mail me at phil.legg@uwe.ac.uk.

Current Research Activity:

Human-Centric Machine Learning

How do humans explore and interact with machine learning processes? How do we incorporate human knowledge with machine learning?

Interactive Deep Learning for Event Prediction and Explanation

How can we learn about the current state of the world using interactive forms of machine learning?
PhD Student: Emmanuel Smith
Co-Supervised with Professor Jim Smith

Enhanced Personal Situational Awareness

How can we enhance our understanding and control of what information our devices are sharing out, and to whom they may be sharing?

Selected Publications

Research Resources:


Outside of work, I enjoy singing, playing guitar, and acting, and I am currently an active member of Oxford City Singers. I have also performed in productions with Cockett Amateur Operatics Society in Swansea, and Act One Drama Society in Cardiff. I am also a fan of sea kayaking, snowboarding, and biking, along with any other activities that I can pass off as 'extreme' sports!


For work-related enquiries, please contact phil.legg@uwe.ac.uk.
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