UFIEK4-20-2: Computing, Audio and Music
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2010-2011 Fourth (and final) assignment specification is available here as an HTML file. Note that the final submission date for this assignment is 2 pm on Thursday 7th April 2011, using the online form.

2010-2011 Third Assignment specification is available here as an HTML file. Note that assessments will take place in tutorial sessions on 31st March & 7th April.

To help using the EXS24 sampler, here are some notes on using the EXS24 for sampling.

To help with the Logic set up in 1N95, here are some Basic Logic Notes

Lecture overheads (PDFs) are available through module's Blackboard page. Marcus' lectures from first semester were recorded, and will be made available through Ranger Resources site. Due to Marcus' absence in the first semester, the nature of the fourth assignment does not draw directly on these recordings, as previously anticipated.

WHEN? Lectures 1N05 at 11.00 am on Tuesdays.
Tutorials Tutorial sessions takes place in 1N95 at noon, 1 pm & 4 pm on Thursdays
WHERE? Presentations Dates as per assignment specifications, in 1N95 during timetabled tutorial sessions. Will take place in 1N95.
  Examination Summer 2011 - date, time and place will be announced

We talk in lectures and in tutorials - you learn by listening, doing, reading, thinking and discussing with each other and with us - No problem!


Links to sites of potential interest and usefulness

References to books and other paper-based sources

Resources for Computing, Audio and Music module (only available from inside the firewall)- a wealth of stuff! Recently updated and improved interfac.


I will communicate with you as a cohort by email from time to time. For me to be able to contact you, this means that you must check your UWE email account at least once a week, ideally at least once a day. If you do not do this your mailbox fills up and my messages to you get bounced back to me - and you still do not get the sometimes vital (to you) information. If you do not check your UWE email account, I interpret this as a conscious decision on your part to be out of touch and the consequences are on your head.
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