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(Amended and added to Jan 2000)

This page is a bit of a rag-bag of possibly useful links - gathered from here and there.  Some have not yet been checked out. Please email me with any links you feel might be appropriate.

There is a very useful CDROM - BURKS - available at the CSM IT Help desk
BURKS stands for 'Brighton University Resource Kit for Students'. The Resource Kit  is also held on a website at the University of Brighton

Excellent source of explanations:

Paper by Krol & Hoffman: FYI on "What is the Internet?" (26 Jan 1999)
World-Wide Web Virtual Library (See also)
The Electronic Frontier Foundation's Extended Guide to the Internet
Answers to Commonly Asked New Internet User Questions
The Future of the Web - (used to be) an Alternative - as yet uncontrolled - Web.

Janet and SuperJanet 1
Janet and SuperJanet 2
Janet and SuperJanet 3

SONET (Synchronous Optical Network) can be found at the Nortel home page

Deja News - a searchable archive of postings to Usenet (See also)
The Gopher Menu at the University of Minnesota - explore a Gopher information hierarchy.

FIDONET Web site.

The Directory of Internet Service Providers
Another long list of ISPs
AT&T WorldNet is an example of a large ISP (OSP?)

Charting the Data VPN Movement

DigiCash  offers 'eCash.'
eCash is CyberCash
 First Virtual is an e-transaction company

Some companies (other than those supplying computer and network products) which are reported to be doing well online:  books (, gardening (Garden Escape), music (CDNow), and office supplies (SuppliesOnline) - (See also)

CommerceNet is the leading industry consortium on e-commerce.  an  ecommerce magazine.


Personal Area Networks (PANs)A view of the near future - ubiquitous computing - from an article in
  the Guardian. - is the first in a series of Web sites that will spotlight groundbreaking technologies.


European Telework Online
Mid-Atlantic Telecommuting page.
Find/SVP's Telecommuting data'
the Mining Co. - telecommuting
Telecommuting Jobs
 America's Job Bank - Self-Employment, Home-Based, and Telecommuting Opportunities
Telecommuting Job Opportunities Available
or see
Net-Temps, "A world of Jobs neatly Packaged" where people can "create a Free Desktop for
their Job Hunt." (They sent me their URL when they discovered this page!)


 Data Interchange Standards Association (DISA).
The ANSI ASC X12/XML Frequently Asked Questions

Intraware's Intranet Library.
Netscape's Overview of Extranet Standards .
 Kerstin Forsberg's Extranet - a reference page
OneSoft Corporation, offers a white paper, The Extranet Solution

Ethernet Network Questions and Answers.
A conceptual overview of Ethernet

The Frame Relay Forum is an industry resource center.
A tutorial on frame relay from AT&T

Sun's Solstice Network Client .
Sun's WebNFS.
 Securing NIS.

IBM's Introduction to Cryptography discusses eg. digital certificates.  - (See also)
(Encryption) RSA Labs FAQ.
Netscape's Secure Sockets Layer.
Keeping Your Site Comfortably Secure: An Introduction to Internet Firewalls
Marcus J. Ranum's Internet Firewalls Frequently Asked Questions
Tom Sheldon's General Firewall White Paper

The official Transmission Control Protocol
Transmission Control Protocol - DARPA Internet Program Protocol Specification
RFC 793, and Internet Protocol - DARPA Internet Program Protocol Specification
A TCP/IP Tutorial
Bay Networks' illustrated explanation of the Internet Protocol
 Howard Gilbert's Introduction to TCP/IP
Telnet Protocol

Usenet's Network News Transfer Protocol.
Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) Specification.
NTS offers a product called TunnelBuilder

X.400 Frequently Asked Questions

The X Windows System.
A brief overview of The X Window System.

WebTerm X (product) lets you view X Windows applications from a Web browser on Windows 95, 98, and NT systems.


Net2Phone  - phonecalls from your PC to any telephone in the world.
ICQ  - 'I seek you' - free - more than 8 million subscribers so far (Jan 1999)
The Linux home page FreeBSD a free Unix clone for PCs

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