Some History of Computing, etc. Links
(Created Nov. 2000)

The History of Computing Project
Excellent site with many images - some of the English in this site is a little curious and I have helped them a little with editing it.

History of Computing
Another comprehensive history - from

parc history
"In 1970, Xerox Corporation gathered together a team of world class researchers and gave them the mission of creating 'the architecture of information.' The scientists of the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) lived up to this challenge by inventing personal distributed  computing, graphical user interfaces, the first commercial mouse, bit-mapped displays, Ethernet, client/server architecture, object-oriented programming, laser printing and many of the basic protocols of the Internet."

History of Computing Information
A large selection of documents and references gathered by the US Army Reseach Lab. One of their aims is: "To help the public remember that it was the U. S. Army which initiated the computer revolution"
Historic Computer Images
A large selection of photographs held by US Army Reseach Lab.

The Alan Turing Home Page

Brief History of IT - Rapid Development of Information Solutions
A brief overview of the history of Information Technology from an Informations System perspective.

Anthony's History of Information Technology (IT)
A useful time line.

Chronology of Personal Computers
Another perspective.

Yahoo! Computers and Internet > History
A large selection of links.

The Dream Machine
A series of videos of programs shown by  BBC in 1991, but still an excellent overview  of the history of computing and the major concepts which ideas which  at the heart of  IT/IS (r)evolution - Available in the Bolland AV section (Audiovisual 004) at Frenchay. I have produced some basic notes on these videos.

The PC's silver jubilee
"The revolution that is still shaking the world began 25 years ago. Jack Schofield looks at the way Bill Gates and others humbled IBM."   A useful article though I would argue that there was no  "long-term aim of introducing a mouse-driven graphical user interface" It was more a case of Steve Jobs discovering Doug Englebart's work at Xerox parc and almost immediately adopting the concepts at Apple.

British triumph is just a memory
"Britain has often led the world in computing - then lost its edge. Chris Hipwell commemorates the 50th anniversary of what became the first commercial computer."

Hobbes' Internet Timeline 

Tony's Home Page