Some Introductory CSS Exercises

These exercise are intended to give you a hands-on introduction to CSS.
You start with some ready made files and alter them.
Little or no 'tuition' is included. (Some notes may be added in the future.)
The principle is that you do an exercise, look at what you have done, and develop understanding.

The Exercises

Doing the exercises

Before you Start (Important)

Basic CSS rule syntax:

selector { property: value}

e.g.  body { color: black }    /* foreground (text) colour set to black for page */

selector { property: value; property: value}

e.g.  body { color: black; background-color: tan }    /* and background colour set to tan for page */

selector, selector { property: value}

e.g.  h1, h2, h3 { color: maroon }    /* headers h1, h2 and h3 set to maroon */

Go to  www.w3schools  and get to know what is there.

The w3schools site will be a primary resource for you when you design and create web pages.

 Tony D  March 2006