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Jim Smith

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Who am I?

I'm a Professor in Interactive Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the University of the West of England, Bristol, UK, where I teach and research various aspects of AI.

As part of my role I am Deputy Director of the Computer Science Research Centre as well as teaching within the Department of Computer Science and Creative Technologies.

A major part of my job is to do research, publish what we find out and help public understanding of my field.


Most of my research concerns computer-based systems which are able to learn to do useful things by repeated interactions with their environment.

The environment could be the real world (e.g. robotics applications), people (e.g. interactive learning) or a computer model of part of the world we are interested in (e.g. various applications in planning, scheduling, and design optimisation).

This learning falls into two broad areas:

For the last few years I've been particularly interested in two aspects of learning systems:


You can find my google scholar profile here.  This list of my publications should be up to date and contains citation counts and various other statistics to give you a rough feel of what I've written that other people seem to like. I make no claims about the value of these metrics.

You can also access details, often with pdf copies to download, ordered by subject, date or type

Gusz Eiben and I recently published the second edition of our textbook about Evolutionary Computation. The supporting website can be found here.


Teaching and Examination

Undergraduate and Masters

Current and Past Research Students (PhDs)

PhD Examination


Whilst conducting these more theoretical studies, I have attempted to keep my feet on the ground by applying these technologies to a number of difficult "real world" problems.

Some of my current and recently completed projects are listed here, roughly grouped by topic/collaborators:

Professional Activities

Contact Details

Contact Hours: In 2018-19 I will be teaching my first year modules for most of Monday, and devoting the rest of that day to teaching-related activities. Wednesdays are currently devoted to PhD supervision, centre and and project meetings, and I try to devote Thursdays and Fridays to research and research projects.
Therefore if you wish to contact me the most suitable times to ask for an appointment are 10am-6pm on Mondays (if you are a student) or Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


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