Welcome To Hawklord

If you are really sad, like me, you can have hours of fun on this page by throwing custard pies at the Anti-Christ.

I got a few ideas for applications that never quite see the light of day, those that do get shameless plugs below.

Sometimes I get it together enougth to make a contribution to Linux Gazette, you can find them here as well, check out the stuff in Information... below.

Information and Help and Stuff

You may download the contents of this site by clicking here


HTML Glossary

Here is my HTML Glossary, which can be used as a memory aid when writting documents for the web.

Search Engine

This search engine will search the tutorials for keywords, such as linux/UNIX commands or system calls and provide you with a list of relivent pages if a match is found.

This engine is a bit old and clunky, please use the "Search" button. Also when results are shown use cursor keys to scroll the page, one day I might actually fix this......

Another site well worth looking at if you are interested in Programming, X-Windows, or Graphics Programming is Curtin University of Technology in Austrailia. Be warned it can be quite slow:-(

In the meantime you could always check out their advanced Java Course which I'm mirroring here, some links may be broken at the moment but the whole course is here :-)


Originally written as a demonstration of XLib programming techniques, you can find the latest version here. XTarot is still very much under development, a much improved version will be available before Febury.

Please Email me at chris@hawklord.uklinux.net"