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Senior Lecturer

gary (dot) atkinson (at)
      uwe (dot) ac (dot) uk

Tel: +44 (0)117 328 6361

Centre for Machine Vision

Bristol Robotics Laboratory

Department of Engineering Design and Mathematics

Faculty of Environment and Technology

University of West England Bristol

United Kingdom

Special Issue:
Emerging Applications of Computer Vision Technology

My colleague, Mark Hansen, and I are currently guest editing a special issue of MDPI's Electronics journal in the field of computer vision.

A Brief Biography

Gary Atkinson completed an MSci degree in physics at the University of Nottingham in 2003. Upon graduation, he moved to the University of York to study for a PhD degree in the Department of Computer Science, under the supervision of Edwin Hancock. His research was concerned with improving shape recovery algorithms and reflectance function estimation for computer vision. Most of his work involved the exploitation of the polarising properties of reflection from surfaces.

In 2007, Gary moved to the UWE Centre for Machine Vision (now part of the Bristol Robotics Laboratory) to work on face reconstruction and recognition research in collaboration with Imperial College London. He has since researched a range of areas in computer vision including 3D image analysis of plagiocephaly, industrial inspection, reflectance analysis, security/CCTV imaging, robotics and composite materials analysis. He has supervised several PhDs in the area and has published over 50 papers. He completed a postgraduate certificate programme in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education while at UWE and is fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Gary was appointed as a permanent lecturer in 2012 and has a range of teaching duties in the areas of computer vision, component inspection, and stress and dynamics theory for Engineering. In the 2019-20 academic year he took a secondment at the National Composites Centre to work in the Automation Systems group - mostly for composite part inspection. Other notable achievements include delivering a computer vision programme at the University of Qiqihar in Heilongjiang Province, China and acting as UK and EU co-convenor for the 2010 International Conference and Exhibition on Biometrics Technology held in Coimbatore, India.