Department of Information Science and Digital Media

SMS Services

ISDM is experimenting with information systems based on SMS (texting). So far a few basic applications have been developed. If you have any ideas for ways in which SMS services can be used to help staff and students, we want to hear from you.  In particular, final year project students can use the service for project work.  See the technical documentation on the interface and contact me for registration.  Some applications are fully documented as examples using PHP and MYSQL. XQuery based examples are now included .

Please note that all services incur a cost per message to ISDM of about 4.5p a message. This is in addition of course to the cost to you of any messages sent from your mobile phone (typically around 10p).  All donations welcome.

Outbound (MT) services


Send an SMS message

Send an SMS message to a mobile phone when you haven’t got a mobile phone to hand. 

This service proved too popular so it now requires a PIN – email me.

Create and send an Operator Logo


An operator logo is a 72 * 14 pixel map which you can create and then sent to a mobile phone.

Create, play and send a Ringtone

A monophonic ringtone can be created, tested as a MIDI file and then sent to a mobile phone.

Inbound (MO) services

You can use or test any service from here or by texting to 0762 480 3759

SMS format



bus  service no




bus 70




The next 70 departures are 17:10 and 17:20 to the Centre






List of services covered

This service is a spin-off from a project to provide a web-based departure board for all bus services calling at UWE Frenchay


The services currently covered are:

    First’s 70, 99 and x84

     UWE’s Flyer, Shuttle and the new 69 service

     South Gloucestershire Bus Co’s  318, 319, 518 and 680/681 services


Currently this data is not up-todate


Further Information

email address message


email elmo.vincent bus stuck in traffic. in at 11.00



Email was sent to elmo.vincent


SMS- to-email.

This sends a message by email to the email address supplied.

The email host will default to if not supplied

rev a phrase

Send: rev a man a plan a canal panama

Reply: amanap lanac a nalp a nam a


The simplest possible application – text a string and get it back in reverse


ana word


ana admirer


The anagram of admirer is married


Uses a 400, 000 word dictionary compiled by Tony Drewry to search for single word English anagrams. 

xword pattern


Xword  p.tte.n


The pattern p.tte.n matches pattern,potteen and pottern

A full-stop stands for an unknown character, a letter stands for itself.

The number of words sent is currently limited by the maximum size of a text message- 160 characters.

exam modulecode


exam UFCE3T


Exam for UFCE3T-15-M : Object Oriented Design & Programming on Tuesday, 18 Jan '05 starting at 13:30 and finishing at 16:40 in 3D33

This service covers exams in the January period but will be extended to cover the summer exams as well.

Currently suspended

Further information

Straw poll

Voting in a poll on a current issue


No poll running currently

You can vote (once per phone) and the results will be displayed on the foyer notice board.


Past Poll Results:

Banning smoking in clubs and pubs: For  66% , Against 33% ( 28 votes)

US Presidential election: George Bush: 9% John Kerry 91% (23 votes)


Turkey for the EU 55% for 45% against


reg regno


reg L162BAY


L162BAY was registered in Leicester between 1993-08-01 and 1994-07-31

This service uses XQuery and XML and is documented in the XQuery WikiBook



Collaborative Whiteboard

This is a new development to explore the use of mobile phones using SMS in lectures or elsewhere to contribute to a shared display area.


See Collaborative Whiteboard for more details. [ needs username and password]



Many thanks to Jon Days whose final year project contributed to this work