DSA Term 2 Workshop 3

XML Workshop 1


To develop an XML schema to capture data about whisky distilleries of Scotland, suitable for

       generating pages of a web site,

querying -e.g.

to locate all whiskies owned by a given company

 to see which distilleries are open at a specific date. 

       generating a kml file for Google Earth (as in the assignment)




1.  Read through a sample of the pages from the Collins Gem Dictionary of Whisky, The Malt Whisky Yearbook 2006 and one of the web sites to get an appreciation of the rich data model which would be required for a 'complete' description, even assuming that a single composite model was possible and desirable..


2.  Choose a very small set of data which can be used for the kml file - Each distillery will thus need a latitude and longitude, name and description.  


3.  Use QSEE XML Data Model to construct an XML schema for the data

       Start QSEE

       New Project

       Right click on the folder in the left-hand panel

       Select 'Add XML Model'

       Name the Root as a collection of places e.g. PlaceSet

       Then add child elements and attributes as needed

       set the appropriate multiplicity for the child element by clicking on the connecting line.

       Generate the XML schema


4.  Based on your proposed schema, encode 2 distilleries.  You may have to do some research to find their locations.  Do one each independently, then check that they are both instances of the same schema.


5.  Save this file to somewhere in your public_html folder.  Check that the XML file is well-formed -by opening the file in a browser.


6.  Check if it is valid according to the schema you created - suitable tools are mentioned in the assignment.

Whiskies on the Web

These sites have already been developed.  Check what alterations to your schema would be required to support each of these sites from the same XML files.