DSA Term 2

WorkShop 2 – Google Earth


1 Creating a static Overlay


Start up Google Earth


•         Create a new folder

•         Go to a location

•         Create a new Placemark and add to folder

•         Edit the Placemark

•         Save the Folder as kml (kmz is zipped kml)

•         View the saved file in a text editor.

•         Edit the description of a Placemark in this file

•         Load the modified kml file

•         Place the kml file in your public-html directory

•         Reference this file from a browser (Firefox)

•         This should link to GE and display the overlay


2  Generated kml


•         Get the PHP code to convert from a Place name to a kml file working

•         you need a xml file like this http://www.cems.uwe.ac.uk/%7Ecjwallac/apps/phpxml/places.xml  to hold the plaes and their lat and long

•         and the PHP code  - create from the handout

•         Get it working

•         Add another location to the xml file and test


3  Extra - On-demand Geocoding

•         Get the latitude and longitude from Mikal’s geocoding service rather than from stored data e.g.

•         http://brainoff.com/geocoder/rest/?city=Bristol,UK

•         You will need to use namespaces to get the geo data and the code to access this service via the proxy. Both are covered in workshop 1