University of West of England


At UWE we are excited about the The Internet of Things (IoT) and the possibilities of really seeing the democratization of the internet, devices for everyone needs, not just a few!

If we are to achieve, then these devices must be design and built by everyone, we must create a Zine like industry, beyond the current makers of today, to enable people of all ages, gender (including non-binary), and race, to build devices suited to their own needs.

...We need to unleash the Internet of Things, for all!

More specifically to enable people to build future IoT devices, our goal is to research and develop tools, literature, and other material that provides a foundation for others to build upon.

To support this we are developing a platform of IoT tools, based on emerging Radio technology, such as short range Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth 5, and long range LoRaWAN.

We believe that for these activities to be successful an open access, for the proposed networks, hardware platforms, and software, should be open source. Using a a license that allows all to access, without restriction. To acheive this we are working with other like minded people, such as XXX.


There are a number of interesting projects, with application to The Internet of Things, that we are actively working on. What follows is a small sample.

  • Bristol LoRaWAN Network: LoRaWAN is a technology that allows for things to talk to the internet without 3G or WiFi. So no WiFi codes and no mobile subscriptions.

    It features low battery usage, long range and low bandwidth. Perfect for the IoT. At UWE, along with our partners, we are building a LoRaWAN network with the intended goal of covering the whole of Bristol!

  • Real World Physical Behaviour of LoRaWAN Network: The role of of LoRaWAN networks is in an early stage and while specifications say up to 6 kilometers range and 10,000 nodes for a given Gateway it is untested how well this will work in practice. This project is looking at both quantitative and qualitative data with respect to ``real'' IoT applications.
  • Pluggables: A a modular Bluetooth Smart MIDI controller toolkit, for building custom hardware control surfaces for audio performance.

  • Bike Tracker: A small, self powering LoRaWAN device, to track a bikes movement via low-power GPS, in the case of it being stolen.

  • Hacking Drones: A project to hack cheap (<£500) UDP based drones. Watch the video stream of your local drone, being used for fun or business, without any one knowing!

    (Of course,we are not proposing that you actually do this, we are just showing that it is possible, we do not plan to break the law or the trust of others.)