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Consultancy database

Computational Intelligence and Optimisation Group
School of Mathematical and Information Sciences
Coventry University

The Computational Intelligence and Optimisation Group (CIOG) is part of Coventry University’s Control Theory and Applications Centre, a centre of excellence which combines expertise across the disciplines of control engineering, mathematics, operational research, statistics and software engineering.

Genetica S.r.l.

Established in 1995, Genetica Srl specializes in the development of innovative solutions, complementing traditional methodologies with soft computing techniques in order to achieve tractablity, robustness and a reduction in the computational resources required to solve complex problems.

Centre for Water Systems
School of Engineering and Computer Science
Exeter University

The Centre for Water Systems at the University of Exeter was set up to develop innovative solutions for hydroinformatics problems. The Centre has developed novel genetic algorithm and other evolutionary/adaptive computing software tools which have been applied to a variety of engineering design problems in collaboration with water industry consultants and water companies worldwide.

MullSoft Ltd

MullSoft Ltd specialises in software development, covering all aspects of the software lifecycle from determining user requirements through architectural design to implementation, maintenance and support. The company has a wealth of experience in approaches to distributed computing, including CORBA and the use of the Internet.

PEDAL: Parallel, Emergent and Distributed Architectures Laboratory
School of Computer Science, Cybernetics & Electronic Engineering
University of Reading

PEDAL is an interdisciplinary group devoted to high quality research and development in the area of parallel, emergent and distributed architectures and algorithms. The group has strong links with industry, with significant funding for research projects and equipment from, among others, British Telecommunications, Silicon Graphics and IBM.

CEDC: Computational Engineering and Design Centre
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Southampton

Based at the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, Southampton University, the Computational Engineering and Design Centre (CEDC) uses powerful parallel and clustered computational facilities to develop and exploit models of engineering systems. Within CEDC, the Evolutionary Optimization Group has developed sophisticated design exploration software that allows the rapid comparison of various methods on new design tasks. The Centre also hosts the Southampton arm of the British Aerospace - Rolls-Royce University Technology Partnership for Design, which applies modern design search and optimization tools to problems in aerospace engineering and related fields.

ICSC: The Intelligent Computer Systems Centre
Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Mathematical Sciences
University of the West of England

ICSC's mission is to advance the understanding and application of intelligent software systems that are based on complex systems paradigms, particularly in highly interconnected and distributed systems. Our approach is one of fundamental mathematical, theoretical, and empirical research, coupled with a strong understanding of the software engineering techniques that are employed in such systems.

Inclusion in the consultancy database is open to all full EvoNet members. If you would like to promote the services of your group or company through the database please contact Mij Kelly, EvoNet Marketing Manager (evo-marketing@dcs.napier.ac.uk).

EvoNet cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information in this database, which is based upon materials provided by the listed consultants. Potential clients are therefore strongly advised to check consultants' experience and competency before commissioning their services.

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