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EvoDebates: Fit for the future - Extending the paradigm

Select a name or photograph to read the full position statement and to post your own comments.

photo: Wolfgang Banzhaf Wolfgang Banzhaf
"An open-ended process of research and development is now required to handle questions that were traditionally asked in Artificial Life, for example, how can we continuously generate innovative solutions?"

photo: Alastair Channon Alastair Channon
"Natural (as opposed to artificial) selection has so far been largely ignored by the EC community. Yet that is where the real power of evolution lies."

photo: David Corne David Corne
"We know that 'purist' EC is of highly limited use, whereas hybridisations deliver the goods time and time again."

blank photo Robert E Keller
"Nothing less than a paramount interdisciplinary effort of biology, cybernetics, material sciences, nanotechnology, microsystems, robotics, artificial life, evolvable electronic hardware and EC will suffice."

photo: Juan Julian Merelo Juan Julian Merelo
"New "viral", "bacterial", "memetic", algorithms will be grown and integrated into the paradigm."

photo: Julian Miller Julian Miller
"People are already trying to construct quantum computers but the art of designing algorithms to run on those computers is still very much a black art - and EAs seem to me to be an ideal tool for tackling this."

blank photo Ian Parmee
"EC should not be seen as a standalone technology. In the development of highly interactive systems EC provides the underlying search capability and other technologies provide the necessary control, information extraction, data-processing and presentation tasks."

photo: GŁnther Raidl GŁnther Raidl & Gabriele Kodydek
"We should build stronger bridges to the societies that deal with exact optimization, approximation and other appropriate approaches. They often have tools that can be combined with evolutionary algorithms in highly effective ways."

photo: Andrea Tettamanzi Andrea Tettamanzi
"The Future of EC is within soft computing."

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