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For general enquiries.

To submit news items to EvoWeb.

To suggest improvements or changes to EvoWeb, and to report broken links.

The EvoNet team:

Prof Terry Fogarty, EvoNet co-ordinator

Tel: +44 (0)20 7815 7482
Fax: +44 (0)20 7815 7499
Post: School of Computing, IS and Maths
South Bank University
Southwark Campus
103 Borough Road
London SE1 0AA

Jennifer Willies, EvoNet Administrator
Contact with financial and administration queries, and with enquiries about events.

Chris Osborne, EvoNet Technical Manager
Contact with enquiries about EvoWeb site design, membership applications, membership database updates and subscriptions to EvoAlert.

Mij Kelly, EvoNet Marketing Manager
Contact with press enquiries and with queries about EvoWeb site content and marketing. If you would like to contribute to the content of EvoWeb, you can contact Mij directly or send your information to evo-contribute@dcs.napier.ac.uk.

Jennifer and Chris may also be contacted via telephone, fax and post:

Tel: +44 (0)131 455 2768
Fax: +44 (0)131 455 2729
Post: EvoNet
School of Computing
Napier University
10 Colinton Road
EH10 5DT

The committees

Email aliases have been set up to allow the committees to be easily contacted:

Executive: evonet.exec@dcs.napier.ac.uk

Management Board: evonet.mb@dcs.napier.ac.uk

Electronic Communications: evonet.ecc@dcs.napier.ac.uk

Industrial Liaison: evonet.ilc@dcs.napier.ac.uk

Research: evonet.rc@dcs.napier.ac.uk

Training: evonet.tc@dcs.napier.ac.uk

The working groups

The working groups also have aliases to allow their members or their chair persons to be contacted. Add @dcs.napier.ac.uk to the aliases below. Aliases ending in -chair can be used to contact the working groups chair or co-chairs, and where applicable, those ending in -exec can be use to contact working group executive committees.

EvoDES: evodes | evodes-chair

EvoDOP: evodop | evodop-chair

EvoELEC: evoelec | evoelec-chair

EvoFIN: evofin | evofin-chair

EvoFLIGHT: evoflight | evoflight-chair

EvoGP: evogp | evogp-chair

EvoIASP: evoiasp | evoiasp-chair

EvoROB: evorob | evorob-chair

EvoSCONDI: evoscondi | evoscondi-chair

EvoSTIM: evostim | evostim-chair | evostim-exec

EvoTEL: evotel | evotel-chair

EvoNet members

To contact EvoNet members, please consult the membership lists in the membership database.

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